You may be asking yourself "why does she keep adding a donation button into every blog?" I hope this below explains.

I'm well aware some of you will be wondering why, and will be expecting me to explain myself, tell you why I deserve for you to hand over your hard-earned money to me, helping me make it stateside to complete a 19 day road trip (hopefully with my niece and nephew who have told me - many times - of their desire to join me). I'm also aware that I could tell you anything; absolutely anythng, and you would be none-the-wiser (unless you've already read through my "About Me" section). You have no idea if I am being truthful to you, or not (I once donated money to someone whose story touched me immensely after I'd read it, only to find out they had lied about everything, and were nothing more than con artists). The internet is a place where we can all be who we want to be - good, and bad!

I've visited fundraising sites (many of them of them whilst trying to find ones I believed could help me to achieve the dream) and have come across people on them who are claiming they need money for this, that and the other, when they are in fact just pulling-a-fast-one; a quick bit of "social media stalking is definitely worth your while if you are thinking of donating to anyone (myself included). Thankfully the charlatans are few-and-far-between, but they are still out there, preying on the kindness of others. 

I am registered with some specific travel funding sites (designed just for people like me) but I also have a direct link which can be followed through to my paypal site, where every penny comes direct to me (rather than a big percentage going to the companies who host the sites). Because of these sites, a few years ago I finally felt brave enough to ask complete strangers for their help to achieve this dream (yes, I really have been at this for a couple of years now - one thing I am not, is a quitter). I know there are people out there who are far more deserving of your help (people who need money for medical treatments, pet's injuries - many who need the basics like food and clothing) that's why I've never pushed as hard as I could (I've also never resorted to offering up "favours" of a certain nature that I've found a lot of females wanting money to go on drunken hen weekends are doing - maybe I should though for they seem to raise thousands in a matter of weeks!! Of course, I would love for you to help me, that goes without saying, and I would appreciate your help more than you could ever possibly imagine, I just also know that I am asking a lot of people I have never met. 

Every penny raised will go into the "pot" (I am also doing my own bits and pieces to raise the funds - I don't expect it all to come from strangers (although that would be lovely :) ) and I have been selling anything and everything I can get my hands on to sell. I had to forego a social life years ago due to lack of funds, however, I did still try to make time for camping weekends with friends (these are very inexpensive). I've even knocked those on the head to save some money. If I could do it all myself I'd not even hesitate to do so. 

I do not pay anyone (individual or a company) to advertise my sites, my fundraising pages, or anywhere else I may be putting myself out there. I know some people do, which gets their profile raised more and does (in turn) bring in more revenue for them, however, these companies take a massive percentage to do such things, and I want to make sure every penny raised goes exactly where it is meant to. Aside from any admin fees on that fundraising sites I have, all the money donated will go towards the trip. 

I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ and Snapchat. Feel free to look me up on any of them to learn what you feel you might need to know about me. You'll find I'm a bit of a rambler about things. You will also see that I would love nothing more than to take my niece and nephew with me; now there's is a story to be told (heartbreakingly sad) but it is their story to share, not mine, so while I could use it (and them) to tug on your heartstrings, I will not use them (and their story) for my gain (even though I will not go without them). The amount I need to raise is not small and has been based on basic accomodation, hire vehicle and supermarket food. Anything above the basic amount raised would go towards a better flight (timewise and seating wise) and hotels without bedbugs!! Possibly even a car where we're not all attached to one another :)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in asking them.

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