Why all the paypal links

Someone messaged me earlier; they'd come across this and wanted to know why I had so many Paypal links on this blog. Quite simply I want people to click on them and give me money 😂😂. I'm going to lie to any of you; I don't earn a lot, have some pretty huge debts (left me from an ex) and I have big dreams of being able to travel, clear the debts and maybe go green by making purchase of a not just a new car, but an electric one. I cannot afford to do any of these things so I figured I'd add some links to the blog. You just never know when someone is going to be having a good day, may be in the mood to "pay it forward" and they might, just might, decide to click the link and send me many, many thousands of pounds/dollars to help me achieve all I have dreamed of. Actually, more than any of that I'd like to be able to afford to see a dentist and get my teeth fixed. I hate my teeth; they're not rotting but they need whitening, and I do have periodontal disease from the time when I stupid and used to smoke. For the most part I have it under control however, I did lose a tooth and few years ago due to it and have another that needs to go. I'm lucky in that they are back teeth so don't notice but I know and I hate it. I cannot stand to look at people with bad teeth so looking in the mirror knowing mine are aged and falling out at the back is not good for me. 

I've spent my whole life being told "You'll never know if you don't ask" so I decided to put that advice to good use. I am fully aware there are millions of people out there in this world who would love for someone to give them money to put a roof over their heads or food in their children's bellies and those people deserve help more than I do, however, I can only fail in my endeavour if I don't try and I could very well succeed in all I hope to achieve. I think the odds of finding a kind person who has money to waste are a lot lower than those if I buy a lottery ticket; I still purchase one of those each week in the hope I'll win, so why not share the link and give it a try? 

There are some of you out there who will be disgusted at my sharing the link, you will think I am despicable and will most likely want to troll me over it. That's fine; you are entitled to your opinion, although you trolls need to get back to your bridges for there are people queueing to step onto them right now. I gave up worrying what people think of me a long time ago. As long as I know I have treated with respect the people I meet on my journey through this life, then I know I'm doing alright and can sleep well at night. That is good enough for me. Those of you who judge don't know me, haven't lived my life or experienced the things I have; this is why your opinion of me is one your more than entitled too, but rest assured it won't affect me in any way. You would be much better putting your effort into something you can control than wasting your energy on me. That's not to say you are not welcome to join me on my crazy ride through this life. I'm going to keep writing my waffle, sharing my crap, and keeping those paypal links going, so hop on this crazy train with me; we could be in for a bumpy ride.