Fund Raising

There I was, on my shops business page that you get free with Bing (other browsers are available, and actually Bing is one of the only ones I do not use, however, it's another way to get my business details out there in the world) and I don't mind admitting I was really quite shocked when I saw this 


Now, don't get me wrong, like a lot of businesses right now - especially those of us who never qualified for any of the governments grants - extra funds would be gratefully received and appreciated and would most definitely help to keep us afloat whilst we try to recoup the 12 weeks where we were unable to take any money due to lock down - but I kind of feel it's not really something businesses should be being encouraged to do, when so many people are currently finding themselves out-of-work. Then again, I guess if a business doesn't survive it would mean more people being out-of-work, so in a way it might be a good thing; I just can't envisage anybody actually making a donation out of their hard-earned money to help a business out. I certainly don't feel it's Microsoft's place to be encouraging such things. 

Anyway, it got me to thinking (never a good thing with my pea brain) as earlier I was trying to come up with ways to raise money. My blog plan for today was to come on here, jot down a few words and see if any of you have ever worked one of those sex chat lines? I was trying to come up with a way to raise some funds for myself so I can finally get clear of the debts I incurred nearly 30 years ago (not mine either; long story I won't bore you with - trusted the wrong people, got badly stung, still paying for it) but more importantly, to find a way to be able to travel back to the USA and continue the family visit we had last year, and I thought one of those chat lines could be a good way to earn some extra pennies (only via the phone - aside from the fact I don't have the right "look" for a face-to-face chat, I also like the idea of remaining anonymous). Can anyone actually make money from those? How much times needs to be invested in order to do so? Things I will be looking into. However, since coming across the bing says "go fund" I figured I might try that route too. I don't have a business page to link it to so probably won't be getting much traffic to it, but as I was told once when I was younger "If you don't ask, you don't get". Mind you, for years I've linked through to my paypal when people click on photo's on this thing, and as yet not a single penny has been handed over 😂😂 Right now, though I'd not even use it for myself. I'd love to take my Mum back to America to spend some time with her family whilst she is still fit and able to do so; she's getting on a bit so there may not be many more years left that she will be able to travel over there (not that anyone can right now with covid but I'm hopeful in a couple of years travel should be possible again).

Still, as I have learned the hard way, it only takes just one person to alter the whole course of your life. Back then it was altered in a negative way; maybe now, it will be altered in a positive one. Who knows? What a rush though, waiting to find out! If you want to be that "one" click the link at the bottom of the page 😘😘😘😘

Alternatively, if you know of any "chat" lines I could earn some pennies from by signing up to, send me a link or the contact details, please 😘