Time Travel

time slip, dream, or just completely weird and way out there? 

For about the past 3/4 months I've been suffering with a bad knee - I slipped walking the dog a few years ago (when I say slipped, I actually tumbled down a bank and landed 20 feet below with my foot up behind my back - I also suffer with sciatica) and since then, on-and-off it's been playing up, getting progressively worse these past few months. I woke up at 2am on New Years Day morning and the pain was so intense it was taking my breath away. I hobbled to the bathroom (a woman of my age can never sleep all night !!) and when I got back into bed wasn't able to get comfortable in any way at all. Every position I laid, or put my leg in, just caused me more pain. Eventually though I fell asleep (or did I?). 

I found myself sitting in a high back red velvet chair, infront of roaring fire with an 8ft high stone fire surround which was about 12ft wide. To my left was an empty sofa also in the same fabric, and to the left of that was a long window made of 3 rectangular panes all of which had diamond shaped leading. Directly the other side of the window was a road, with a house opposite, also on the road. I got the feeling it was sometime in the 16th/17th century. 

The chair was just like this but in a blood red velvet. The sofa was similar but with a lower back, quite square and a with a bit more padding at the back of it (they matched, yet didn't at-the-same-time).

Suddenly something caught my attention out the corner of my left eye, and when I looked, a witches broom was spinning around so fast it was creating a whirlwind effect - I couldn't see the bottom of the broom, only the handle, but I knew what style it was; I could also hear the noise as it whooshed. The handle never once dipped, remaining upright the whole time. Seeing it terrified me and for some reason I held out my left hand with my palm facing the broom directly (very Yoda style) and yelled out "no" at which point it stopped spinning, I realised I was awake and the pain in my knee vanished. That quickly; as soon as the broom stopped spinning so the pain disappeared. It's not hurt since.

The broom spun like this - although, as I've said, I could only see the handle.

The room was very similar to this without the rug on the floor and the windows were lower. The outside photo is reminiscent of how the outer of the house looked.

For the record; I am extremely sceptical of all things paranormal (as you will see if you read my post on Ghosts: DNA)

The photographs in this entry were not taken by me and were found via a google search - they were not linked to any page, or photographer for me to track back too.