Monday, 7 January 2019

All of a tither

With the news that google+ is shutting down in less than 3 months, I find myself in a bit of a quandary for I share the rubbish I waffle on here, on there, and I get loads of people who pop along for a read (I know, I often wonder why too - my last post got almost 14000 reads; who are you people?). Now it's going I have no idea where to share to any more. 

I have my facebook (personal one) but let's face it, the people on there are my close friends and family who already know all there is to know and wouldn't bother to read this crap to begin with. I do have the public one (you'll find a link for it and all the other places I vacate on top of the main page, which can be found by Clicking Here ) but does anyone really click through on the links from facebook? How about Twitter and Tumblr, I have those too, however, I am unsure if they actually make a difference. I guess some of them must do. In fact I hear talk that Tumblr really is the blog to be using these days, so that then sets me another dilemma. Do I move away from google completely? Do I try to find another blog hosting program? I looked into Wordpress but it's expensive and nowhere near as user friendly as google, or do I stick with what I know for now, and hope another platform for sharing my crap will be released?

First World Problems, and all that :) 

One thing I do know I will most definitely be doing, is sitting in my garden, waiting for those little feathered creatures to pay me a visit. Photographing birds has become a bit of a new hobby for me; one I actually find myself sticking too. For 7 hours (yes, that's 7 hours) on New Years Eve, I sat in my back garden. The temperature was hovering around 4 above zero (there was a slight chill) but I was determined. The object of my attentions were the blue tits which keep whizzing above my head whilst I sit in the garden. I 'd taken a couple of photo's of them on Boxing Day, however, lack of sleep and a hangover, found me staring at some very blurred images, so I set out with a determination to get some in focus. I'm proud to tell you all.... I failed... hahaha. 

About 3 hours into it, 6 of the beautiful little blue things flew into a fir tree we have. I had the camera settings at what they needed to be; I had my longer lens on, and the focal point was perfection in itself. I lined it up to a bird sitting right on the edge of a branch; it was almost perfect. Just as my finger was about to hit the shutter button, so my neighbours crashed through their back door sending every single little feathered friend whizzing off in all different directions. I cannot tell you how pissed off I was, however, that's the joys of neighbours. By the time they came back it was beginning to get dark and every shot I took needed the use of photoshop to sort it out, and those of you who know me, know I refuse to mess about with my images. I went indoors that evening extremely chilled though, and in more-than-one-way (I couldn't actually feel my big toes anymore by the time I went in). 

New Years Day saw me with a list of jobs the length of my arm which needed completing, so I left the camera on it's tripod, still sitting within easy reach though; just-in-case.  I pottered about doing things in the garden, whilst my Mum was banging and crashing about in the garage (reason in itself for me not to have the camera set up :) ). Feeling the chill, I headed indoors to make us both a coffee. Just as I got to the garage area of our garden, something on the small fence between us and our neighbour caught my eye. I cannot tell you how excited I was to realise there was a Dunnock sitting there, minding it's own business. I wasn't excited just because these usually shy birds was happy to be so exposed, I was also excited as it was the very first time I had ever seen one. I managed to catch Mum's attention without scaring it off so she could have a nose, at which point she said "Why don't you go and get your camera?". I laughed, telling her "it will never still be there if I do" however, I had nothing to lose by trying, so I walked as slowly as I could down the garden; I didn't want to scare off our resident pigeon who was chowing down on some seed I'd put out earlier - he'll let you walk right up to him and not fly away, but he doesn't like loud noises and I knew if he took off, so would the Dunnock. I had to unclip my camera from the tripod, switch it on, set it up and get back up the garden (2 levels and 40 feet away) without him flying off. To find him still sitting there when I arrived was the very best start to 2019 for me). He even let me take a couple of photo's before a dog barked in a neighbours and he skitted off. 

I'm fully aware there are far better photographs, and shots of these lovely little creatures (before some of you - you know who you are - go and point out it's flaws) but to me, this is one of best photographs I've taken, and I am more-than-a-little chuffed with it. The only downside is that I now want to win the lottery even more so I can spend more time armed with my camera, looking for feathered creatures. Damn those numbers never matching the ones I choose :) This little bird though, he helped to start this year for me in a truly wonderful way; it can only get better from here-on-in. I hope it's started as wonderfully for each-and-everyone-of-you reading this, and continues to be throughout the year.

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