Sunday, 28 October 2018

All Change

I've been blogging for over 8 years now; not always as often as I would have liked, but I tried to add something every week (as a minimum). 

In that time I've talked about everything; how I feel, what I've been through, what I was currently going through. I've shared about love, loss, and laughter. I've ranted (way too many times) about things, and people. If I've done it, then I've talked about it.

This morning though, something happened; not sure what, or why, however, I decided I didn't like a single entry I had written. I was too miserable in most of them, ranting in many others (which still made me sound miserable). I was constantly complaining about things, and nobody wants to read that kind of thing. Yes, there were a few posts which had received really good feedback from readers (especially the one about my mammogram) and another recieved over 17000 reads (that's a lot for an inconspicuous individual like me) and I could have kept those, just deleted the rest, but as with most things in life right now, I've been making clean breaks - especially from the toxic people I used to be surrounded with. I figure if I'm going to do it in the real world, I should be doing it in the virtual world too. So, for now, it's all change.

I can't promise I'm not going to complain, rant, or be miserable - I am, after all, human, living in a world where there can be a lot to complain about (or not; first world problems, and all that). What I want to talk about though, are the positive things in life. In order to do that, there will need to be some negatives - you don't get  a rainbow without the rain - but on the whole, there are enough people struggling in this world; I don't need to be another one.

At one point I was running over a dozen different blogs; personal ones for me, business ones for my shop (I won't give those up); I had blogs I was using to try to raise money for a road trip (I am still - always - trying for that but realised I don't need to have hundreds of different ones dotted about). I set them up for family who wanted to blog (going so far as to invest in personal domains for them; not one of those lasted longer than 4 entries). I set up dozens of different ones for someone who I thought was a friend, to try and promote his photography for him, and those 2 included domains (as well as facebook, twitter, tumblr and instagram accounts) and he never used them. That's why, this morning, I got rid of every single other one I run/manage, except for my business ones, this one, and another I have (which I will duplicate this onto). This one is the other is .uk. I won't get rid of all my domains, I'll try to see if I can use them in other ways. The domains for friends though have all been cancelled; if they want to continue on with them, they can buy them themselves now. 

Dammit; see what I mean about me complaining. Here I am, a new day, a new start, and that last paragraph was me having a bit of a moan - not much though, so things are improving :) 

Life really is about what you make it, or should that be "what you make of it"? That works much better, for some people strive to constantly make it, never actually getting anywhere, through no fault of their own. Other's have it all, have done nothing for it, and never appreciate it. It's always about what is relevant to us personally, at a particular moment-in-time. Right now, my focus in life is to get out with my camera as often as I can, continue to work hard at my business, and work towards the funding I need to visit the USA and take the photo's I dream of taking (I know I will succeed in that). Everything else, is-what-it-is and I intend to find the positive in every situation, no matter how bad things may seem/get.

Thanks for joining me as I embark on this "new me". If I disappoint, keep on moving; I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it for me.

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