Monday, 30 July 2018


Finally, after 56 days without any (and with stupidly ridiculous hot temperatures) it rained. I can't tell you how happy I was to finally hear it hammering down outside my window (even though it woke me at 5am).

That was Saturday morning, and by the time I went to work at 7.30 it had stopped, the rest of the morning being sunny with the odd cloud; I thought that was it, and we were going back to silly heat again. Not so  - at least, not for the immediate future.

By the time I got home at 12.30 and had put my old clothes on, pulled on my gardening gloves (kids ones because I have ridiculously child-like hands) and headed off into the garden to plant some of the flowers I'd picked up during the week (all bee and butterfly friendly ones) the sun was shining brightly. The plan was to get them all in during a 4 hour spell, before showering and getting myself beautiful for my number ones hen do. As with all plans, things didn't work quite how I thought they would. 

At 1pm it began to rain, and continued to do so until after 4 - we only got half the plants in the ground. Then, events beyond my control saw me not making it to the hen do (I was not a "Happy Sarah") Still, the forecast for Sunday was dry with sunny spells, so that meant the rest of the planting could be done first thing, then I could sit myself down in front of the TV for the Hungarian GP in the afternoon. 

When I woke at 6.15 it was raining again (really windy too) and that didn't change until well after I had gone to bed just before midnight. It was much needed (I'm amazed how ground which was yellow, brown and dead when I went to work on Saturday morning, was today, on the same drive, lush and green again - mother nature truly is amazing). I had a mug I left on the table Saturday afternoon (once we'd planted all we could). When I brought it inside this morning there was 3 inches of water in it; 3 inches!! That's a lot of rain, which thankfully appears to have worked its way into the soil, rather than run straight off the top of it.

One downside to the rain though, is that we have a leaky window in our spare room, and when I went in to grab something there was a little waterfall running off the sill onto the floor below - we can't afford anyone out to explore or repair, so towels are needed to mop it up and a lot of praying is done that it doesn't cause too many issues with the walls!! 

As a result, no gardening was done - I did walk up the path a couple of times (vegetable peelings needed adding to the compost bin and I had to do my tyres again (really pissed off about them - had 2 replaced in April, have done only 900 miles since then, and am having to top them up every 2/3 weeks; this time they'd gone from 32 psi to 24 in just 13 days)). There were a lot of vegetables - Mums best friend has another friend with an allotment who sends all his extras our way (I got 19 portions of green beans (some of which are yellow and purple)) carrots (with mud and greenery on them - just as they should be) courgettes which are almost marrow size, and spring onions (which again are purple - never seen those before). It took 2 of us over an hour to prepare them all for freezing.

Instead of everything I had planned, I did... well.. pretty much.. nothing. Not completely nothing; I took some photo's of the Gloriosa Lilies I bought the other day. I don't mind admitting some of them came out really well; I'm extremely proud of this one. I did remove the background - I know, the woman who hates photoshop - I never used that, don't own it - removed the background; the only change I made as you can see from the photo below it which is the original. I like the original, but think the altered one really makes the flower itself stand out, showing off it's true beauty.

I watched the race - it was boring until the last 8 laps (I hate it when that happens). I cooked dinner and I spent the evening watching crap TV. In between looking at the screen, I had a bit of a catch-up with my number 2. She's going to start her own blogging again (she tried a few years ago). Now, she's a lady (feels weird saying that but at 19 that's what she is these days) with a story to share. Be prepared to have a box of tissues handy on occasions; I know I sometimes have to when we're chatting. She's not doing it to upset people or for attention; she is though, hoping, that what she's been through may be able to help someone else who is going through a similar experience. Not just a young person, an adult also. I never knew how she felt about one thing (or what she was being told) until she let me proof read her first entry. I felt so sad for her, so angry to know that the adults had lied to her about what was going on, not telling her how poorly her Mum was (someone even told her that her Mum was going to get better - why, why would they do that?). Anyway, once she gets going, I'll be sharing. She has a story that's worth reading.

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