Friday, 1 June 2018

I'm a little bit country

you're a little bit rock and roll.....

No idea why that suddenly popped into my head as I opened up this page to start waffling. Good old Donnie and Marie...  had to find it once I'd mentioned it.... takes 2 minutes to get to them actually singing though!!! You have to watch - check out the dancing :) Gotta love the 70's :)

Go on, admit it, you sang along too :)

One of my fundraising pages ended yesterday... drum roll please for how much it raised..........

a whopping £0. That's right, not a single penny was raised from it. I guess being honest about why I wanted it and not being prepared to flash my bits I was always going to be overlooked. It doesnt' matter though, for I know it will happen. I always find a way (somehow) to get what I want; this will be no different.

Always find a way except.... the house, you all know which one? The House... it's been sold, and not to me. After all these years, I was sure it was just waiting for me, destined to be mine. Looks like destiny has another plan for me (or was just playing with my mind in a cruel way for the past few years). I only hope whoever has bought it will enjoy it and love it as I would have and that they don't tear it down and put up some new modern monstrosity in it's place; that would be a travesty.Mind you, the way work is going right now I'm not sure I'd have time to enjoy the pool with the house, anyway. It's been absolutely crazy busy. I'm currently aching in places I didn't even know I could ache! And you all thought floristry was a nice easy job, where we get to play with flowers all day!!

I did actually sit down to waffle away about something I felt was quite important, but once I opened up the post, had that song appear in my head, everything else went out of the window and I cannot for the life of me remember what I wanted to talk about. It's quite frustrating too because for once it was something I believed to be important and that I thought others would have an opinion on (other than just wishing they'd never clicked on my post and started to read my drivel). 

I got offered the opportunity to join a small photography group yesterday, so I accepted. One of the guys who is part of it is friends with the friend I had who I fell out with last year, so that should be interesting, however, he takes the most stunning photographs, so I'll take whatever shit I get if it means I can learn something from him. He took one down the cove the other week which just blew my mind. I know I could never be that good - not because I'm being hard on myself, or putting myself down in anyway - it's because I don't have tiem to put in the practice. I have no doubt if I'd started younger, or had free time on my hands then I could be every bit as good as him; heck, with just the minimal amount of time I have I think I do quite well. They meet up once-a-month and I will go along to their meetings; not just to learn some new techniques, but to get me out of the house and mixing with other humans again. It will be nice to have a different conversation now and again. 

I did get a couple of the resident pigeon we have at home on Monday; shame about the houses in the background, however, I was impressed with a couple of them, especially as I am still learning and don't always know what I'm doing - hardly ever :) 

Ok, I've waffled long enough trying to remember what I wanted to talk about. I'm sure in the early hours of the morning it will come back to me; for now thouhg there is nothing. 

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