Guns - and ownership

I live in a country with strict gun control - although more-and-more these days I sometimes wish we didn't, as the UK seems to be becoming a lawless society and far less safe on a daily basis. We have no police force anymore compared to what we had 40 years ago when I was a child; those we do have can't do half of what they should be doing due to paperwork and beaurocracy, and when they do catch a 'criminal' often the courts throw out the case for one-reason-or-another. Don't even get me started on Human Rights for criminals and prisoners, or we shall be here all day. What I will say is this "The split second you do something to someone, a property, or break the law in any way, ALL your human rights should be stripped from you until you have been tried (and found either guilty or innocent) in a proper court of law (not these stupid "mickey mouse courts" we have these days). IF you are found guilty then you should be locked in,  6 to a cell, in a 10' x 10' cell, let out for 1 hour a day which should be spent cleaning or making something which can go back and help out your local society, and you should be fed the bare minimum. Our prisons are a joke and not a deterant in anyway, to match our ridiculous courts (for the record I'm not all bad - one of the people I am closest to in this world, currently resides in a shared cell; he knows my feelings on such things and loves me just the same. He is there because he deserves to be - he knows it, I know it, everyone knows it. That doesn't mean I don't think he should be cut off completely; he just shouldn't have anything other than a bed, toilet and basic food).

Anyway, as I said. I can't get onto all that right now. Back to guns and their ownership.

In a way I am glad we don't have guns freely available and able to be purchased by any old Tom, Dick or Harry (even more so after last night). In another way, I sometimes wish we did have them more easily available (in some areas I'd sure feel safer if I knew I was armed). I like to sleep with my windows open (especially in the temperatures we are having right now over here) yet I often wonder how safe I am doing so. I live in a good area (for the most part) and if someone was to be seen climbing up to my open window, a neighbour somewhere would do something about it, but what about in the dead of night, when I am sleeping? Ok, so I'm a fairly light sleeper, and would most likely wake up (my neighbours rabbit started to thump his feet in his house at 3am the other day and I was up, alert and ready to tackle whoever was making the noises) but what if it was that one night when I slept well? What then? Don't get me wrong; it would not be easy to get to mine to begin with. There is a matter of the high walls all around and locked gate. My neighbours security light blinds anyone who comes down our path (I've been almost blinded myself) then as you get past theirs, so ours comes on; at this point half of our street it bathed in light. Then there are the planted tubs my Mum has around the garden, ornaments that will take you out without a second thought (I nearly broke my ankle on a duck one the other night she'd moved from it's usual place). Often the washing line will be hanging still (you don't notice until you find yourself caught up in it). Then, there is the 2ft deep cut out section at the back of the house, the ideal place to put a ladder, yet a death trap as it is filled with the most uneven stuff which moves. IF someone did manage to get that far, they would then find themselves faced with vertical blinds (heavy frigging things which never do what you want) a net curtain and numerous plants and ornaments dotted along my window sill. I also have some very strategically placed metal spikes (just-in-case). Because of all this, I do take the plunge, and can often be found with my window open.

Last night was one such night. The temperature in my room when I went to bed was registering at 27'c. As someone who cannot abide a bedroom above 18'c and a day-to-day temp above 14'c (at a push) you can only imagine how hot I was feeling last night. Actually, you can't, because you also need to factor in that I am a woman of a certain age, who has no control over her body temperature and that it will suddenly raise itself to ridiculous levels. This (affliction - yes, menopause is an affliction) also means that I have absolutely no control over my moods. Even I have no idea what version of myself I am going to be when I awaken each morning. Some days I'm "Happy Sarah" who sings along with the birds, smiles at everyone I encounter and feels so good I wonder how the world can ever be such a cruel place. Other days I am "Sad Sarah". The sight of an ant avoiding being squished by someone's size nines can switch on the waterworks, and once that tap is open there is no stopping it. Then there are the "Stressed Sarah" days - one of those paid a visit yesterday. She can often be tamed (if the day goes right) however, yesterday she was untamable and as the day progressed so she turned to "Steaming Sarah" - this is not a good version to encounter. Then (oh yes, she got worse) the wonderful "monthlies" decided to put in another appearance - they only left me 6 days ago after hanging around for 3 weeks. Add to that outside temperatures of 30'c and above (was 35'c on the patio area of my back garden at 7pm last evening, and it's a north facing garden so gets no sun - I can only imagine the ground temps in south facing ones) and I had just about had enough.

By 11pm I could take no more. I was hot, hormonal and feeling more angry than an angry person. This though, is where I am glad we have our gun laws (you regular readers always knew I'd end up where I started in the end - Guns). Had we not had tight gun laws and had I spent the hour in bed last night which I spent feeling the blood literally boil within my veins, I honestly could be sitting in a prison cell right now, with my own human rights stripped from me (and I would not do good in prison). The reason for this is a group of thoughtless, inconsiderate wankers who live a few doors up who think it is ok to allow their teenage children to have friends around. Friends who cannot handle their drink, who do way too many drugs, and who seem to think it is ok to yell at that top of their voices every single swear word you can come up with (and some you may not have heard). They think it's ok to play their crap music to accompany this shouting. And, they think it's ok to still be doing it at half past midnight, on a work night. Let me tell you now - it is NOT.

This isn't their first time (normally it's a Saturday night) but I can honestly tell you now, if I'd been armed, last night would have been their very last time. The longer I laid there, the louder they got, the angrier I got. At one point I had to shut my windows (they live only 4 doors up) which pissed me off no end. Even with those shut, my 2 fans going in my room (those of you who sleep with fans know how noisy they are) I could still hear every single thing they were shouting. A neighbour further over did ask them to "tone it down a bit" I won't repeat on here the reply he got, but will leave it to your imagination as to what a garden full of drug fuelled drunken scum would have yelled (I think some even went over to his house, banging on his doors and rummaging around his garden). As a woman I wasn't going to risk them descending on mine or them wrecking my car (when it happened last year several neighbours cars got damaged by a couple of them). Not being able to say anything (for fear of what reprisals might come my way - it is pretty obvious several of them wouldn't think twice about knifing someone) I found myself getting angrier and angrier, and more tired by the second.
I did call the police - a chocolate fireguard would have been more use and so they were out there until they chose to call it a night. I can't say for definite I would have actually shot anyone had I been armed (I don't think I really am that kind of person) but I would most defniitely have waved a gun around at them, pointed it at several and I'd have surely made sure some of them knew I'd be willing to pull the trigger if they kept it up. This is why I am glad we have gun restrictions and laws in place (in one way) and why (in another) I am gutted we don't. Mind you if we didn't there is as much chance of them being armed (there's a chance they may be anyway) at which point my being so would have just ended in a free-for-all and who knows who may have ended up hurt. 

There aren't many times in life I would like to end someone elses life, and last night wasn't one of them, but I sure would have liked to see the look on their faces if I had have turned up with one. 

What makes it even worse (for them to constantly get away with it, when at least 20 other neighbours will have been disturbed by them) is that they have a policeman who is their direct neighbour (they share a wall) and he does nothing - mind you, he's such an arrogant arse it wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't round there with them all sniffing a few lines. 

I'm not some old "fuddy duddy". I was their age once; I still like a laugh and joke with friends, however, there is such a thing as showing respect, and that is something kids these days seem to have no clue about. A large proportion of people who live on the estate are older women, widowed, whose fathers died in the 2nd world war (or come back alive on the outside yet dead on the inside). Those brave men (and women) died so that those little shits last night could be free to behave in such a way - I don't think it is too much to ask for a little bit of respect for their fellow neighbours (or maybe it is). I dread to think what kind of world the next generation will be leaving behind.