Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Weddings, weddings, birthday's, funerals and royal weddings

is pretty much what my life is consisting of at the moment; I'm working 14 hour days, 7 days a week (alas, I am just as poor as always - oh yes, my reason for starting all this waffle lark is the first place is as much needed now as it was then) however, I have also been able to fit some fun and family time in too - you know what they say about asking a busy person? If you don't, where have you been all these years? It's true as well, to a point. I'm getting more done in the shop, going out and doing more with my personal life, however, my online presence has fallen way lower than I would like. How am I ever going to find that generous person who is going to help me out, if I'm never here waffling crap?

My 'Mr Nathan' thinks I have forgotten about him (I've literally spent no time with him at all) but sometimes we have to make sacrifices (for the greater good!! or so I've heard). 

Now, I did squeeze in time to watch the Royal Wedding at the weekend - like millions of others around the world. I was working while watching though (I had 2 weddings of my own on Saturday and 1 on Sunday). I've heard a lot of negative things about her dress; I really liked it. It was nothing like I expected it to be, yet I think it was perfect for her. I'm going to put-it-out-there for the world to see though, I'm not sure she's in this marriage for the same reason he is. I believe he is genuinely in love; I think she's in it for what she can get out of it. Her confidence when she walked that aisle (to begin with) on her own was astounding. I get it could have been her way of hiding her fears, but I don't know; I really hope I am proved wrong, while sadly believing I may not be. 

Yes, I am "one-of-those" people; I like us having a royal family. I think the amount of revenue they bring into the country, far outweighs the amount they take out. I do agree there are way-too-many hanger-ons (many of them should get off their arse and get a job) for the most part though I think our country needs them - far more than they need us, and I would not want to swap my life for any one of theirs. Ok, when they are home alone they can kick back and be like the rest of us (to a point) and that's great; the rest of the time though I could think of nothing worse. Yes, they get to visit different places and countries, but they don't really get to see/experience any of it. They get dragged from one place to another, never actually being able to take in anything. They (the women) will be scrutinised in petty microscopic ways from the single grey hair which may appear on top of their head, to the colour of their tights (stockings to some of you). While there are times I have to be nice to people I don't particularly like in the shop, I know that customer won't be here long; they have to often spend hours making small talk with someone. Can you even begin to imaging how it must feel to have to be nice to someone you don't like, all day, while constantly smiling so that a camera somewhere doesn't pick up the slightest hint you're not happy, giving them a scoop they can spread around the world? We all have those "off" days; imagine a bad one of those and you've got to make sure you hair, make-up and clothes look perfect, and you have to go and "play nice" when all you really want to do is going around a butcher someone. Our work colleagues know to avoid us on those days; these people won't avoid them and will ask non-descript mundane questions. No, I could not deal with that for all the money in the world. They can't even be alone when at home, for they have to employ staff (ok, so maybe they don't all have to, but the 'big guns' do for they often have to entertain dignitaries in their homes. Imagine never being able to have a conversation without worrying someone might be listening, ready to run to the press with a story to sell. No thank you, you can keep that and shove it. I'll stick to my anonymity thanks. The ones born into it don't get a choice either. As kids they are brought up with one purpose, and that's to behave in a certain way at all times, because it's expected of them. It must be so hard for the kids to make friends, again because they never know who they can trust. 

Those of you who keep calling for them to go, for us to become a republic need to take a long hard look around, check out what's going on around the world, in countries with a republic. Do you really think the workers of those countries aren't being taxed to the hilt for the benefit of the richer, more powerful members of society? If you don't, then you really are a fool. Besides, the crown costs each of us (who work and pay taxes) 89p per year; I wonder how much more we would be taxed if we were to become a republic? Way more than that I'd guess, because the crown are accountable to us; those in charge of a republic would not be. 

At the end of the day, anyone (and I mean anyone) who doesn't like how things are done in this country can always hop on a plane or cross a sea to go live in a country that has everything they don't want. I wonder how many would be hopping back within a year? 

I did not like the flowers adorning the church for the royal wedding though. I get the look they were going for, yet I think they failed miserably. There was so many beautiful flowers in those archways, yet you couldn't see them for all the hedgerows. I think they either needed more green and just a few bold flowers, or more flowers and way less foliage; the balance was well off for me. It's a shame because it could have looked spectacular, instead it was very mediocre. 

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