It's currently Easter Saturday, I'm sat in a cold spare room at home, trying to get my old macbook (which has been through the ringer in it's lifetime) to do a software update - all to no avail - it really is old) so while it does so I thought I'd take a moment to have a waffle on here; something I've not done for a while. 

I don't really understand Easter. I know it's a religious time (I'm not religious, have never been christened and the only time I've stepped into church is for weddings - either invited to them as a guest or setting them up for my job). I get the whole commercial side of it (any occasion these days is made commercial - more money for the big stores to make) what I don't understand is how it doesn't fall on the same day every year. 

From what I can make out, Good Friday (why is it called that?) is the day Christ was nailed to the cross; Easter Sunday is the day he rose again. I get that much, but how.... how? can the date change every year? If he was crucified on a certain day and was such an important person to the people of this world (let's face it, he is meant to be the 'son of god') then how on earth did they not record the day he died? If you die on a certain day, that's the day you die. Why is the anniversary of his death then on a different day every year? The anniversary of his birthday (christmas) is the same day each year, so why not the anniversary of his death? I am well aware there is even talk he wasn't born on  25th December; again, IF he was such a prominent child, his birth celebrated around the world, how the hell (ooh, does hell exist without a god and heaven?) do they not know what the actual day was? It all seems very odd to me and is just another reason for me not to believe in a divine higher power.

Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking anyone for having faith; if it helps people to deal with hard times in their lives, then who am I to question it all? However, as far as I am aware, all religions (if there truly was a god then surely there would only be ONE religion??) teach that you should love and respect your fellow man (don't even get me started on how one-sided these books of fiction are) yet so many people (bad people) use religion as their excuse to go around doing pretty awful things to their "fellow man". If there is an all-seeing, all-knowing god, why is he allowing them to behave in such a way? I'm sorry, but to me, religion (all religion) is no better than some of the random cults which are set-up; cults which the authorities will do everything in their power to shut down, yet they allow the biggest of them all to continue preying on the citizens of this world. It doesn't matter which religion you follow (believe in) they are all working in the same way - brain washing people into believing the words written in some book (of which there seem to be many, written by different people, who all claim to want the same things for this earth).

I was also taught (at school we had no choice in learning about aspects of differing religions - again, it's something which should never be forced upon another person (isn't tolerance also a teaching? The irony)) that good will always overcome evil. What a crock of shit that is. There is so much evil happening on this planet right now, the way I see it good is failing; BIG TIME, therefore that means this wonderful sentient being known as God (or whatever else he is called by people from other religions who are brainwashed to pray to someone they have never met) is failing. Bad, evil (the devil - to believe in one you have to believe in the other) is winning. Each and every day innocent people (children, women, men) are dying (some of those experiencing horrific deaths) people are being preyed upon, conned out of their life savings, women (and men) are being beaten, raped (and worse - yes, there really are some things which are worse). Some of these are people who believe in this mythical being, yet where is he when they call for help? Don't give me any of the crap that "you never get given more than you can handle". That's the easiest cop of and pisses me off more than you could imagine. Answer me how a 3 year old child who is riddled with cancer, has been given nothing more than they can handle? 

No, nothing will ever change my mind, turn me into a believer - in fact more-and-more every day I see things which do nothing but convince me otherwise. I am, however, extremely grateful, because thanks to the mass brainwashing, this weekend was invented and I get to have some 'downtime' for 4 days. 

I may not believe, but I'm surely not going to complain. 

Before you go screaming at me "look, God created that amazing image you've captured above" get-a-grip; God NEVER created it, wind, rain and man did. Now those 3 things, I do believe in.