What are the chances?

If I could have put a bet on at the bookies for the odds of something which happened at work, I think a £1 investment could have brought forth enough for me to retire on. What am I talking about? Who knows, half the time I don't know. :)  Although..... this time I do.

The picture below should help to aid my description - should, I'm not saying it definitely will :) 

So. I have a lovely regular customer, who has a birthday tomorrow. She is at the top of the tree listed as the "Birthday Girl". It is also her daughter-in-law's birthday on the same day too. 

I answered the phone to find one of my customers grandchildren on the line, ordering flowers for both my customer and her daughter-in-law (the grandchild's Mum). We had a good chat and it was left it up to me what flowers I use because I know what both birthday girls like. Our conversation ended, we hung up and as I went to put the phone back in the holder when it rang again. I answered to find myself speaking to the elderly old sister of my regular customer :) She's been quite poorly and recently had a stroke so it took me almost 30 minutes to get out of her what she wanted as it takes her longer to speak and remember, but we got there in the end. She was telling me how she really wants to come and visit for her sisters birthday, but her own daughter won't bring her down - apparently living 90 minutes away is too much to bring her down and back in a day. 

As I hung up the phone to her I smiled to myself, wondering what the odds of having 2 phone calls immediately after the other from 2 family members ordering for the same people. That was literally all I had time for; that one quick thought for the phone rang again (it's a busy time of year, so I thought nothing of it). I answered it to find myself speaking to the Birthday Girl herself. I'd not even got as far as putting the phone back into it's cradle. She, of course, was ordering flowers for her daughter-in-law. At this point I'm really having a little chuckle to myself. I thought the odds of 2 of them calling me were quite high, but to have 3 calls? Well; that's got to be astronomical odds; hasn't it? 

We had a lovely chat - as we always do - and I was careful not to let on I'd spoken to her Grandchild or Sister, which was not easy when she was telling me the things they had both already told me about the plans they have for her on the day - what they're doing, who's coming round, where they will be eating later. She'd been a bit poorly herself recently (she had that flu bug I was grateful I never got) so we were chatting about that and how lucky she is at her age to have come through it unscathed. 23 minutes her call to me lasted :)  Before hanging up I wished her a Happy Birthday for the day.

I put the phone back in it's cradle, half expecting it to ring again. It never so I pootled from the workroom into the office. I'd just sat down and opened up a page on the computer when it did ring again. The time between me hanging up and it's shrill tone whirling around the building had to be less than 1 minute. You could have knocked me down with a feather when I heard my customers husband utter the words "Hello, Sarah; I've got to be quick only I don't want the Mrs hearing me on the phone to you". Apparently she'd hung up from her call to me and gone straight to the bathroom which is when he took his chance to ring me because he wanted to place an order for flowers to be delivered to her. I honestly could not get my head around the calls. I am sure I must have seemed very aloof to him because my little brain was trying to work out what the actual odds would be on such an occurrence. 4 calls from the same family, immediately after the other from 3 different locations in the country, with no more than a minute between each call. If I'd not been the one fielding all the calls I honestly do not think I would have believed it. Surely if I'd been to a bookies and made a bet on it I really would be able to retire?

However, wait; it doesn't end there!!

After ending my call to her husband the phone went quiet so I made my way back into the office to try and sort out what I need to order for next week - some fool invented this thing called Valentines Day! I was getting on well, worked out what I needed, placed my orders with the wholesalers, and thought it might be an idea to get some accounts up together when the shop door opened and in walked........

That's right. The Daughter-in-law. Seriously, what are the odds? Actually, don't tell me or I'll be gutted I wasn't able to put a bet on :)   She came in to place an order for her mother-in-law. It was slightly more difficult serving her though for I had to try and keep the rest of the orders in my book (some of which are for her) hidden from her :) 

I do love how this life at times can still take us by surprise with it's coincidences (as long as they are nice ones; I don't like nasty ones). What happened with this family has never happened to me before and I very much doubt it will ever happen to me again. It did make me think about whether the family are "in-tune" with each other and one making the call triggered off a chain reaction - I have more I can discuss on these thoughts (I read something really interesting earlier in the week) but I shall those for an entry on another day.