Trust issues

One flaw I have (no, really, it is just the one :) ) is that I trust people implicitly until such time as they betray that trust. I assume everyone is like me; if I am asked not to say something to someone, then I won't say it. I don't cheat when in a relationship, if I borrow money it is always paid back before the agreed date, I've never taken something which wasn't mine and I do not go running around behind the backs of others telling tales (or even worse, making crap up). If I hear gossip about someone until such time as the person it's about tells me any different, I assume it is just gossip. If I don't like the gossip, think it's nasty or vindictive, then I will tell the person spreading it around that it is not nice, and will inform the person they're saying it about, telling them who passed it on to me. I cannot stand people who pretend to be other's friends, who then go and stab that said friend in the back. I believe these are basic principals we should all be living by. Of course, not everyone is like me. Some people can't help it; they were just born scum. Other's do it because they have such shallow or lonely lives they need to feel included. I honestly do not understand any of these reasons, but I still never let it cloud my judgement of people I have only just met. I take everyone at face value and as I've said above, I trust everyone to be a decent human being, until such time as they prove me not to be - usually.

However, this week I have had a suspicion about someone confirmed to me. I had an inkling they couldn't be trusted, yet wanted so hard to believe they were genuine. Obviously I have discovered they are not, and while I'm not disappointed (because I had my suspicions) I cannot get my head around Why they would feel the need to go around telling stories and trying to stir up shit. What does anyone really gain from doing such a thing?

As it happens their plan backfired, big time, although at the time when I was discussing it with the other's involved, I had no clue who had gone running to them, telling tales. Now I know and as a result have had to change the settings on this blog for a while. You see although this was public and anyone at any time could have come across it, I have never told anyone I write it. The chances of someone coming across it by accident, someone who knows me that is, someone who knows the other's involved, was quite minimal, for even though I share these entries on my a facebook page I set up, I do not share that page with anyone who knows me, or is friends with me on my "normal" page. Of course, there are people in the local area who may have come across me, or found, however my normal page comes up way before the one I use to share my blog and other rubbish on, and so that is the one they would have been directed to. Friends then add me on that one; I accept. People who aren't friends though may keep scrolling down the list of people with me name (no idea why) then come across the facebook page I do use for this waffle. So while it is public, it is also quite private too.

Sadly it's also one of the same people who happily went around slagging me off for setting up a fundraising page to see if I could get some help with the massive vet bills I encountered when my dog was so poorly. What kind of person would do such a thing when they know how hard I work, how much my dog meant to me and how I struggle thanks to my trusting someone in the past who is the cause of me having no money now (hmmmm. Maybe I need to stop trusting people so freely!!) 

This is where the person in question really dropped themselves in it, for they used something I had written in one of my entries (where I had mentioned no names which is why I knew it had to be someone who knew me for them to know who I was talking about). They then copied that entry and sent the link to the others involved. As a result of this I have had to now change the settings on this blog, which in a way isn't a bad thing, as at least now I will have access to who is viewing it. Keeping it open to the public as I did meant I had no control over who could see what. It will be an interesting little experiment for me in a way, and one I am quite looking forward to.

I know, it's mean of me to do this, to restrict their access to my stuff, to stop their fun and give them nothing which they can share with all-and-sundry. I won't keep it restricted for long; just long enough for them to realise I know.