I made a discovery today that is most welcome. I learned that I can do what I want to do on ebay to try and raise some funds even though I don't yet have what I want to sell on there (and won't until after the trip is completed). However, as long as I note that the item is on Pre-sale and give a time frame of when the item will be available (could be this year, could be next, could be in 2021) then I won't be breaking any rules. I know people in the past have used it to get kindhearted folk to pay for their weddings (I've no idea how they got away with it though as their rules about selling things are quite strict). I remember another couple a few years back using it to get someone to buy them a brand new car - again, no idea how they did this. I guess they offered whoever bid them the most a ride in the car once they'd bought it, or something. Maybe the couple who got married offered to post out a slice of cake. I'm not entirely sure I would have the nerve to do such a thing but I guess if it was worded correctly it could be possible to get someone to cover the funds I need to raise to take Mum to meet her relations. Heck, I could even raise enough to do the road trip I dream of - now, wouldn't that be something?

Sadly, in all my dealings with eBay (which haven't been that many) I've never yet been able to sell anything for what it is actually worth, let alone making more than it's worth. In fact, every time I've sold something (not that often) it's sold for way less than it should. Once I sold a car for a couple of hundred pounds - it was worth at least £900 - and the very next day one identical to mine that was in a worse condition than mine, with more mileage and which was for sale at the same time as mine, sold for 3 times what mine was worth. I was gutted. I'd struggled to get someone to pay less than 20% of what mine was worth, while this other one sold for nearly 400% more than it was worth. 

I guess it's all in the wording. Something I am not that good at. I have the fundraising pages live and while I've had some donations, the amount raised will only just about get me to the airport - if I was lucky. I've seen other pages where the person trying to raise funds is being gifted thousands. One girl didn't even put why she wanted the money, just that she did. Now, she did have a profile photograph of herself (or what was meant to be herself; it could, in fact have been anyone) and she wasn't wearing very much, but even so. Would people really make a random donation to someone with no description as to why they want the money? If so, I'm going to find a pretty friend, dress her in a cheerleaders outfit and use that as my profile image :) It's also another theory I could put to-the-test :) 

I guess, in a way, it's like blog entries. I write as often as I do, always sharing them on the same social media platforms, Some days I get 150 or so views, other days I've had 15000 views (I know; you'd think with that many people I'd have raised the funds needed by now). It stands to reason the one I titled "Boobies" would get more hits than any others; in fact it did so well I pinned it to the top of the page :) 

Talking of pretty friends - I have several, however, they are not what this paragraph will be about - I was having a nose around the web earlier (like you do) and came across a woman in Finland who is offering up herself as a travel companion to anyone who would like one; of course the other person has to pay all of her expenses. She wasn't willing to offer any other benefits (I'll let you use your imagination for that one) she just thought there might be people out there who have the money, want to travel yet have nobody to travel with. Someone who doesn't want to get involved with the person they travel with. Someone like me, who doesn't have an available friend to take with me if I was to travel (it would only work if I had money) I could then hire her to travel with me. I'd never pay someone to come with me (although I would pay for someone I know to travel with me) yet I can see how it would appealing it is to offer myself up to someone who might want a travel companion to tour certain areas of the USA with them. Of course, the massive downside to that is I would most likely be hired by someone who is horrible and because they were paying me to keep them company I'd have to do what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it, rather than what I want, when I want. Hmm. Maybe this woman doesn't have such a good idea after all. It's not as though you can really vet someone before you leave either. Can you imagine? You've agreed to a month's travelling with someone, to find out on the first day they are a horrible person. You'd have to have signed an agreement I am sure, so you'd then either have to 'shut up and put up' or find the money to buy your way back home. I'm not certain this Finnish lady has really thought about the consequences, and what I thought of as a 'great idea' when I first read about her, I am now realising would be a really bad idea. 

Having said that. If the right man came along, and was offering to fund things... well... hahaha - that's a joke people, I'm really not that kind of girl.....