Lost dog?

Just when I thought the vet my dog was registered with could not possibly get any worse, they have gone and proved me wrong; in fact they've excelled themselves in their incompetence this time. I have to be careful what I say right now for I am at the stage of seeking legal advice against them - not something I really want to do, however, they really have  gone too far this time. Once the letters which are being drawn up have been received by them, I will be sharing everything; my letters from them including any invoices and the letters I've sent to them. Right now I can't do anything really, for they've not yet received my letter of complaint.

What I can tell you though, is that last night I got home to a letter from them telling me it is now time I paid them over £300. There is no invoice for this amount in with the letter, and none has been issued to me at any time; there is no highlighted statement (oh yes, the last letter I had from them included a statement where they had highlighted everything for me as though I was too stupid to work it out myself - they also made a glaring mistake which I have pointed out to them (minus any need for a highlighter)). I automatically assumed this amount (in the letter from last night) is for the murder of my dog and her subsequent cremation. It's the only thing it really can be for, but like I've said, I've received no invoice so don't know for sure.

As a result I phoned my vet's (the one I am registered with, not the ones they've been sending me to or the one I had to take her to be murdered) and asked if I could A) pay the bill, and B) find out when it would be best to collect her ashes. The woman I spoke to didn't have a clue what I was on about, telling me her branch didn't have my dog's ashes (which is where they should have been sent). She told me to hold off on paying anything just yet, that she would phone the other 2 branches to find out if they have my dog's ashes, and get straight back to me. I called her at 5.35 yesterday teatime. They are open until 8pm. It's currently 1pm the following day and I've not heard a word - from anyone.

I am now left assuming that they have no idea where my dog's ashes are. There is not a word invented yet to describe how angry I currently am. If they have indeed lost her, they will feel a wrath come down on them like never before. From the second I took her into them back in September they have behaved in an unprofessional way. They have cost me money, caused me no end of additional stress and have pushed me beyond my limit; way beyond. Thankfully though, an angry Sarah deals with things better than a sad or stressed Sarah, hence why I've not gone on a rampage through their practices ripping the heads of everyone involved (an emotional Sarah would have done such a thing). Angry Sarah has taken legal advice, has handed her letters over to a legal professional who is going to reword them in a more professional way while leaving some of the real Sarah in them :) Angry Sarah is not going to let them get away with it. Angry Sarah will be phoning them when she gets home this evening to find out what is going on. Angry Sarah will have to bite her tongue very hard if they are still unable to give any answers. Angry Sarah certainly isn't paying them a penny until she has her dogs ashes back. Then Angry Sarah is going to send them a bill for the over-payment Angry Sarah has made (where they have charged me too much) along with a bill for the invoice they never filed with the insurance for me. Angry Sarah's legal counsel has told her this would be an acceptable thing to do. 

All Angry Sarah ever wanted was to be shown a little compassion while dealing with her poorly dog. That shouldn't be too much to ask, should it? Angry Sarah wanted her dog to die at home, calmly, surrounded by all she loved. Due to the vet's lack of ability to reply to Angry Sarah or return calls, my dog had to be dragged out into a cold, wet night, placed in a car (she hated being in a car) taken into a small, clinical, horrible little room in a vets (she hated vets, she hated being locked in rooms). She was made to wait in that room for 35 minutes, before being taken away from Angry Sarah (who that night was so very sad) her Uncle Steve and Grumsy, where the ignorant bitch of a vet tried to stick needles in her. She was then brought back into the room with the very people she loved, before they were sent away, leaving her alone and scared with a woman who was about to murder her. They could not have made her last couple of hours on this planet more scary for her if they tried. To now not know where her ashes are is beyond comprehensible. It is utterly disgusting.

Normal Sarah would rant and rave a bit, before deciding there's no point taking it any further as doing so won't change anything. However, Angry Sarah is going to take it as far as she can. Nobody should ever have to go through what I have; no dog should have been treated the way mine was, and there is NO way on this earth I should still be chasing them up. Whether it's down to bad management, poor staff training or just not giving a shit by them all, I do not know. What I do know is that I will not let it rest until I have made them sit up, take notice and make changes so that nobody else ever has to go through what I have done. I'll even take it to a rag tag newspaper if I have to; if it get's their behaviour out there for the world to see. If it makes them think about how they are treating their clients and animals in future. They will not be allowed to get away with it.

They will rue the day they turned me into Angry Sarah. Especially if they have lost her ashes and don't get them to me. I will sue them for malpractice and every penny they've got so their only option is to go out of business; that way, at least, I'd know for definite they could never do it to anyone again.