It's raining

it's pouring....

You know what they say "It never rains, but it pours?" I think there may be some truth to that. 

My dog is so much better than she was - if you didn't know how poorly she was you'd never think there was anything wrong with her. This is actually making it a little harder to deal with, for 10 days ago I'd made the toughest decision I think I will ever make in my life, and now I want to unmake it - I can't afford to, sadly, and that makes it even harder still. I'm hoping her poor little overstretched, pushed to it's limit, heart, finally gives out on it's own while she is sleeping one night, because to watch a vet stick a needle in her leg right now, to end her amazing, loving, and wonderful little life would be way more than evil (alas, this world proves on a daily basis that evil is what it is made up of). Being filled with evil people is bad enough, without having it permeate into everything else. 

An evil world, and evil are part of the reason I do not believe in God (anyone's god) because I was taught as a child "Good will always overcome evil". This is not true, and where is this God who is meant to be able to overcome the Devil? I've never seen proof of him; I've only seen the world become a more evil place on a daily basis, so it would appear to me that Evil most definitely overcomes Good. 

I'm digressing. I've spent enough time discussing my sadness at my dog being so ill. 

What has got it pouring on us now, is that not only do I still have to find the money to pay for the dog (I think they may try taking me to court, but I'm not backing down - I still believe the insurance should pay) but yesterday someone delivered something to our house and said "wow, do you have a gas leak?". This is not the first time someone has mentioned it - in fact, it's been going on for almost 2 years. 

We've not really paid much attention to it; one reason is because neither of us has ever smelt it (once I thought I had) the other is because we thought it was being caused by a sewer leak we had just before the smell first appeared. 

The builders who created the estate we live on were proper cowboys. Our house is the second of a terraced row of 12. We are at a junction of hills; the house from 3 to 12 go uphill from our house, at the same time as our back garden goes uphill too. The sewer pipes for all the houses from 12 to us, run downhill (makes sense). However, for some reason, rather than continuing this sensible approach, running downhill, taking the pipes through the garden of Number 1, then out into the road next to 1 (which then runs downhill again) they brought number 1's pipe into our garden (where it joins with the rest) where another pipe runs from our garden out to the main sewer (uphill!! - go figure that). This means we have all our neighbours sewerage come into our garden, before it's sent out to the main one. When it's working, it's fine; however, it only takes one tit further up to put in a sanitary towel, nappy, or face wipes (yes, people really are that stupid) and before you know what's happening the main sewer blocks; this then stops all the neighbours shit from going out to the main pipe, and causes it to eventually back up, where it spews up onto our patio - the air bricks at the back of our house then allow this overflow to pour through them into the 6 feet holes we have beneath our house. Last time it happened the raw sewerage made it up to the 4 feet mark. Not one of our neighbours has even had to deal with it and no matter how many times we ask them to only ever put toilet paper in, they still continue to put other stuff down their toilet (one still insists on empty fat down her drain too - have you seen what a fat ball can do to a sewer pipe?).

Anyway, because of this sewerage festering away under our house, we assumed the smell was that - rotting sewerage can have a gassy smell. 

Turns out, we were wrong. Because this guy who's never been to our house before mentioned it, we finally relented and called the gas people. Turns out, we have a leak!! He said the only thing which has saved us from being gassed, and stopped it from igniting, is it's proximity to our chimney (apparently most of it was disappearing up there - he did say we were lucky that the pilot light (at the base of the chimney) didn't ignite it, and an exhaust vent we have that can help with the buildup of carbon monoxide). 

As a result he has switched off the gas at the source (so we can't switch it back on even if we wanted to) and we now have to get someone in to fix it. Our heating and hot water run from the gas; our cooker hob is also gas, so we are now without heating, hot water, or a hob - we do have the oven which is electric, but I'm not sure how I'm going to steam my vegetables for a roast on Sunday with just the oven!! In typical "Sod you, Bradbury's" fashion, the temperature has dropped and my little old Mum would be putting the heating on and taking hot baths to keep herself warm.

Most people would have called an engineer by now and would be getting it sorted next week. We're not 'most people' though. It could take us until next year to scrape up the money to pay to get it fixed (as I've said, there is still the dog's bills to pay for) so we may have to find ingenious ways to cook and keep warm this winter - Sandwiches it is then! 

Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining. We have a roof over our heads, warm clothing and I can borrow the microwave from work so we can heat up some veggies, soups and beans. Our shower is electric so we can keep clean, and we can boil the kettle for washing up the crocks. We also have a roof over our head so will be dry. So many people out there right now, would give anything to have what we have; they'll be trying to find a dry, warm area to sleep in tonight, with empty bellies and the only hope of some hot soup is if a kind person buys them a cup and gives it to them. We have 'the world' compared to these people. but each situation is relevant to the individual person in any given day. Today though, to us, it feels like another kick to the ribs, just as we were beginning to hope we might be able to stand up a little.