Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Getting it wrong

After the 5th phone call in 2 hours this morning, all of which were someone trying to sell me something, talk me into changing phone providers, or just sitting there saying "hello, hello" over and over again, I had a bit of an epiphany (I know, a really big word for me on a Tuesday morning). I started to answer their questions, responding when I thought it was the right time. I made it sound as though I was interested in all they had to say. They all went on, and on, and on, answering my questions - the Indian guy trying to sell me a telephone line was getting a little annoyed when I kept telling him I wasn't even with BT. So many times he explained that he wasn't telling me I was, he was just saying I run from a BT line (actually, we are with virgin so he was totally bullshitting me). 

Just as each caller got to the part where they thought they were about to get themselves a deal, I said "well, of course, I can't make any decisions on my own about this and will need to speak to my business partner about it all" to which several told me the offer only existed for the duration of the call, at which point they were told "Oh dear; looks like I've just wasted your time. Now you know how it feels when you call me" following up with a "goodbye" but a couple agreed that emailing me would be a good idea. They then asked what email address they should use, to which I replied "frustrated@stopwastingmytime.com" I can only apologise to whoever owns that domain, and hope they don't use 'frustrated' as one of their user names, or someone may receive a lot of spam over the next few weeks (I did a search for it and the domain is owned by someone, but they haven't done anything with it, so I'm going to assume they've not set up hosted email to go with it, so all should be fine).

This then got my little brain on a mission, which is really not such a good thing when it's getting about 4 hours sleep a day, has all the worry of the dog (she's still alive, bless her, and I've still had no money so if anyone wants to help me with the bills - which now total £7500 - please, please, please, feel free to do so.. Click Here to go straight through; she's not having any more treatment now though, so the only amount that bill will grow by is the amount I am charged when the vet finally has to murder her, and however much the cremation costs are. I guess no more than another £500). I also have a lot going on at work - yesterday was a 14 hour day, tomorrow a 16 hour; today just the 10. I am also working a 16 hour on Saturday, alongside an 8 on Sunday (who needs time off?), so for my brain to even consider getting on a mission was a major achievement for it (I'm bound to be forgetting about something else because of it).

Anyway; my epiphany. It struck me I've been doing this whole "blogging" thing completely wrong. I thought I needed to be upfront and honest about who I am, which is why I set up blogs using my real name. Don't get me wrong, whatever I do I'd still be upfront and as honest as I can be :) That's not the part I got wrong. Using my real name is where I've gone wrong.

While I've been going great guns, get quite a few readers, have some regulars, get some lovely comments, and have had people I've never met in my life give me over £300 to help towards my vet bills, I was still not doing it right. Using my own name is not something people are going to specifically search for, so unless I can come up with some catchy/cracking hashtags to get my name out there more (there is a Canadian artist with the same name but I'm not sure she gets that many hits) then I'm never going to go global (and I believe, I have the potential to be a "global phenomenon".. haha.. ok, just a random phenomena then :) 

Hashtags are good, but I still needed to come up with something that might catch on, might be a word or phrase someone would search for, and VOILA. The whole Stop Wasting My Time seemed like as good as phrase as any, so I am now the proud owner of www.stopwastingmytime.co.uk (I wanted .com but as I've said, that was already gone). I'm not sharing anything different on there to that which I share on here (let's face it, everyone who comes across this one is wasting their time by reading it.. haha.. People, however, will use the hashtag #stopwastingmytime on many different occasions; the more they do, the more chance I have of people being linked back to my domain, the more chance I have of the right person (people) coming across me, realising that I am a genuine person even though I'm not blogging under my own name, and will see fit to Make a Donation to the "Sarah's not desperate in the grand scheme of things but could use a little kindness in her life" fund :) 

If I've learned anything in the past 10 weeks, it's that you have to believe - really believe. Miracles can (and do) happen each and every day. I've already been so lucky to achieve a couple of dreams in my lifetime (they didn't just fall into my lap though; I had to work bloody hard to get them - still work hard to keep them). It's the same with the travel dream. If I don't put the effort in, I'm not going to get anything back out. With all I've had going on with the dog I've not put as much effort into it all in the past few months as I should, and all the time she is still so poorly and needing my attention she will be getting it; on the whole though, I will keep plugging away, I keep working at it, and I WILL achieve my dream. Whether that's with your help, or someone else's. 

I shall also continue to "pay-it-forward" something I believe we should all be doing. That doesn't have to be financial, in fact sometimes just helping an elderly person across a busy road is all it takes. Big things can happen when lots of people do little things. What may seem like nothing to you, could feel like the world to someone else. One smile and a "good morning" to a person you pass in street, could be all it takes to make that persons day. You don't know when you pass them by what is going on in their life. For all you know they could be considering ending their time on this planet, they could be feeling they are worthless, their life has no meaning; your smile, your "hello" could suddenly remind them there is good in the world, people do see them and without you ever knowing, your kindness could alter that persons whole life. Now, that's some food-for-thought, isn't it? 

A little kindness, can go a really long way. 

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