Monday, 9 October 2017

The Hollies

Over a year ago I saw that The Hollies were touring and would be playing at a venue an hour or so away from home. I know my Mum likes them, my Dad's favourite song was "The air that I breathe" so he liked them, and I was brought up on them, listening to them often, so I definitely like them. I decided the tickets would make a good Xmas gift for my Mum - with me tagging along, of course. 

With everything we've had going on with the dog I thought Mum would say she no longer wanted to go, so was quite surprised when she said "We're going; there's nothing more we can do for the dog this evening, she's fed, watered and is fine". We'd already made the decision earlier in the day to take her to the vets this morning - as it has transpired we've not needed to for her breathing during the night came back down to a proper level (yes, I have just pulled my 2nd 'all nighter' with her) the abdominal swelling we thought a sign of the heart issue has almost disappeared and at 6am this morning she begged for food, guzzling down a whole tin. When I left for work she was snoring her head off on the bed - one more thing to be hopeful for, although after the weekend we've had I'm not going to get too carried away. Anyway, Mum wanted to go, so off we headed.

The city they were playing in is a nightmare. I hate the place, and in the years I've been there (a couple of times a year for different things) I've never yet made it to my intended destination without getting lost. Road markings are useless (coming out of the hole last night I got into the correct lane only for it to take me off in a different direction - and I followed the road markings to-the-letter). Having said all of the above, for the first time, ever, I made it from my house, to my intended destination without taking a single wrong turn - go me. It has never happened before - didn't happen come out of the place either :) 

I've never felt as young as I did last night, when I looked around the theatre we were in. While I fitted in quite well with my few (ok, ok, there are many) grey hairs, I was still one of youngest people there (a couple of proper youngsters did appear later with some 'oldies'!!

Knowing the guy singing with them now, isn't the original guy who sang with them I was a bit dubious about how "good" they would be, and whether they would sound similar. I needn't have worried. Had I not known the guy wasn't the original then I would have thought he was. He sounded just as good, and my that man can hold a note? He is quite impressive. 

If you like 60's music and enjoy a night out, you can't go wrong with seeing The Hollies play - they really are very good.

One of the highlights of the evening for me though, was the woman who work in the theatre. The split second someone dared to get a phone out of their pocket, so one of them appeared - as if by magic. I've never seen so many people get told off. Even the singer looked over at one point as if to say "What's going on here then?". They were most entertaining. 

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