Oops 😂🤣😂😋😋

As a general rule I am not a malicious person (no, really). I rant and rave a lot, and have been known to spout my mouth off, but I don't have the really malicious streak within me - believe me when I say "sometimes I wish I did". 

I've allowed people in the past to walk (trample) all over me without saying a word (it's always seemed easier, because on the very rare occasions I have tried to do something about it, I've wasted my time for nobody has taken any notice of me anyway). What? Who said that? 😋

However, as those of you who 'come here often' will know, over the past few months there have been some gradual changes happening within me (no, still not a mid-life crisis 😋😋). Those changes have seen me standing up for myself a lot more than I ever have done in the past (the local councillor who tried to intimidate me in my shop on Saturday, over my objection to some plans the council want to go through, soon found out he was messing with the wrong person and left quite sheepishly). Then, with everything else I have going on in my life (I'm trying so hard to not keep talking about my dog) I've also seen a lot of people for who they really are (one who has surprised me while not at the same time) and I don't like what I am seeing. 

That person has been pissing me off for a while, however, these past few weeks have made me wise up to what he is really like, and so I made a decision earlier, that from this day forward I will no longer be doing him favours; of any kind. 

I did consider deleting all the social media bits I set up for him, however, they kind of benefit me (I am able to stick little links in to them to promote my fundraising efforts) so I've left them in place. What I have done though, is change the passwords to them all, so he no longer has access to them. He is more than welcome to ask me for access, at which point he will be asked to pay the money that was paid out by me to get them up and running, and he will be asked to compensate me for my time - how much do internet/social media companies charge? What is the going rate? £50/£60 per hour? He could basically owe me enough to pay the vets bills I have piling in (the insurance needn't think they are getting away with refusing to pay, that I can heartily guarantee you - I will take that as far as I can go, but that's an entry for another day. Nope, no more will I let people treat me the way they have been. "Soft touch, Sarah" no longer exists. Don't worry, I only changed the passwords on the bits I set up for him and allowed him access too (ooh; I can revoke his access to other bits of those too - he no longer deserves the right to be an author/admin on them). I'd never change the ones he owns and set up himself; I'm not that bad!! 

The crazy thing is, all this could have been avoided. All it would have taken would be the tiniest little piece of respect. It's funny, because my Mum mentioned him the other day (gotta love my Mum, she's nearly always bloody right about people - how I got to be so shit at choosing people when she's so savvy is beyond me). She pointed out he's never really been a friend to me, for I only ever hear from him when he has nobody else. I am his "Back-up plan" and to a point that's fine, I've been ok with it, but that was back when I didn't like myself, had no respect for myself, hadn't reached proper "middle age" (this is not, I repeat not, a mid-life crisis 😋😋). It's taken me 33 years to reach this point (yes, I am aware that's a big fat fib, and I don't care 😋😋😋). The next 33 really will be all about me and anyone who doesn't like it can kiss my big fat wobbly one. 

He did 'unfollow' me on facebook a while back (the shock, the horror) and last week he went as far as to delete me! I think that says a lot. 

Thankfully, there are still some people in my life who really are genuine, and who give as much as they take. Those people, I hope, will stay around until my days finally come to an end (not for at least another 50 years if I can help it). 

I guess the lesson for today and this entry is :- Don't piss me off if I know your passwords 😂🤣😂 

Having said that, my cousin has pissed me off a bit too. Since the beginning of time, him and I have watched the Star Wars movies (the first time) with each other. It's a tradition. Imagine my disappointment yesterday when his new girlfriend sent me a message saying "Got our tickets for the 19:30 showing - hurry up and get yours". They got themselves tickets and never bothered to order one for me. Actually, I'm not pissed off, I'm exceptionally disappointed.