On this day :)

3 years ago - some 1096 days (I've not got my maths wrong for last year was a leap year which gives the extra day) I was, at this time, at work, in the most excited/nervous/terrified state. I had a head all over the place trying to make sure I had covered every base that needed covering, checking that the girl who was going to be in charge of my shop for the next 17 days was going to be ok, while also making sure I remembered to breathe. 

What had me so excited? Knowing that in less than 24 hours time I would be at Heathrow Airport waiting to board a plane, taking me to Denver, CO. That's right; it was the day before I embarked  upon my whirlwind tour; the tour which never satisfied my desire to get-back-out-there. I don't normally wish to go backwards in life (for often it's not been a good place to revisit) however, what I wouldn't give for it to be this day in 2014 again, for I would dearly love to be heading back over the pond to visit all those amazing places. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn't have done a thing any different - except maybe the guided tour of Las Vegas which was meant to be in an air conditioned bus, yet was done on foot and was a diabolical shambles from the very beginning :) 

I know I should be grateful I was able to do it the first-time-around, and I truly am, for I know there are many people in this world who will never get the chance. However, I am also human and it wasn't enough; I needed more time at the places. Now, obviously with my dog being so poorly and the fact I may have to sell my car to pay her bills (and I really need my car - I've also not finished paying my Uncle back so it will be a real kick-in-the-teeth if I have to pay for something I no longer own) but that doesn't mean the draw to get back there, isn't as strong as it has always been. Yes, priorities have had to change slightly in the past few weeks, and they will remain changed for as long as they need to be, yet I am aware in 4/5 years time things will be different to how they are now, and if I have wait those 4/5 years to get back there, then so-be-it. I will still be young enough to enjoy and appreciate everything on offer. Of course, I'd love to be heading off there tomorrow - especially as several places have had snow in the past week. It is not to be (just yet) so I have realised I need to sit back, enjoy what I have, and remember if it's meant for me, then it doesn't matter what is currently going on, it will be. 

I am, and pretty much always have been, a very lucky person. There are times when I forget that, times when I have been pushed to my very limits (and beyond) yet at the end-of-the-day if I've wanted something bad enough, I have always got it. This will be no different. I will get back out there; heck I'll even get to visit some of the other places I dream of visiting too. I just have to wait until the universe decides the "time is right" for me. 

I never realised until just now, how much my life has changed since the day I picked up the phone, booked the trip and made the final payment - that's a blog entry for another day though. 

One thing I will say, to anyone out there right now who's contemplating whether to book the trip they've been thinking about, who's not sure if they should do or not, is "get on with it". If you have the funds in place and can get the time off then get yourself booked and get yourself out there. Life is too short to dilly dally about such things. Enjoy it while you can. If you don't think you can do it for yourself, do it for all of us who dream of being in the position you are of being able to book it and go. Get out there, explore. Make the most of every single second you can. You never know if you'll get the chance again. 

I think the rest of my entries for the next few days will be me reminiscing about my time when I was away, with some of my other 'usual crap' thrown in for good measure.

To anyone off on their own trip-of-a-lifetime in the next few days, I hope it brings you all you could dream of - and so much more.