Las Vegas

I guess, like everyone, when I switched the news on this morning, I was saddened at the images on the screen before me. Being in the UK we were seeing it pretty much as it was unfolding; our American relations and friends didn't get to see the horror for another 5 - 8 hours. When I left for work there were 2 people dead - that was 2 too many.

Imagine my horror, when hours later (my lunchtime, and pretty much the time most American's were seeing the horrific images filling their TV screens) the death toll had risen to 50, with 216 injured. 50 dead! 50 people, people like you and I, going about their lives, enjoying their evening, struck down in a hail of bullets. It's incomprehensible to imagine the fear, pain, and trauma those people suffered, so many more will suffer for years to come. 

Upon leaving work, I heard 406 injured. I couldn't wrap my head around that. One man had killed 50 and injured 406 others. By the time I got home, just some 45 minutes later, the figures were (and at this time of writing, still are) standing at 58 killed, 518 injured. There will most likely be more deaths, and there could be more people injured who haven't been accounted for yet. These people, as I've said above, could have been you and I; your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, mums, dad, cousins, friends.

The worst thing about it all - aside from so many people losing their lives and so many families dealing with something so unfathomable this evening - is that it doesn't come as a surprise. You almost switch the news on these days expecting to see news like this. It's shocking, but not. It happens so often these days, in so many different countries, that we've become accustomed to it. What kind of world are we living in when we are no longer shocked by such things? Not a good one, that's for sure. 

Of course, in America it's easy for anyone to get hold of guns and ammunition. We don't have that over here, yet those who want to do such things to their fellow human beings, can get hold of weapons if they desire. I'm sure a lot of American shootings wouldn't have happened had they had tighter gun control, but now, it would be like shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted, for those undesirable's who own them wouldn't hand them over if there was an amnesty and they were to bring in stricter control. I guess it would benefit future generations and potentially cut out days like today. The shooter had 10 weapons with him, obviously machine guns (these could be heard). Why does anyone need so many? How are they able to buy semi-automatic weapons and machine guns? One man with a handgun could cause death and destruction to several people and those deaths would be too many, but a man with the arsenal he had has been able to cause such death and destruction; I do not understand this. 

I appreciate when the 2nd amendment was added to the US Constitution times were different, and maybe back then their "Right to bare arms" was worthy of being added to their rules and regulations. In this day and age though, surely, it's time to stop. It won't though; there is too much money to be made. The NRA have too much sway, too much power. Their logic is that a good guy with a gun, is there to take out a bad guy with a gun, so therefore, guns should be allowed. What a twisted logic that is. 

Those cowards known as ISIS have claimed he was "one-of-theirs". They lay claim to everything. The media piss me off by mentioning these cowards have claimed this shooter, and other people who commit such acts, as their own; the media should never give these cowards publicity of any kind. It makes me wonder sometimes if they do it to keep themselves in a job. The more they mention them, the more fear they can try to strike into the nations hearts, the more they can use in their newspapers, and on their news channels. 

America mourns today, once again due to a mass shooting. Tomorrow it could be somewhere else. I said the other day that people in this world are so angry these days. Sadly, I fear i's' only going to get worse, before it gets better. Mind you, if the creature they have in the White House keeps throwing his weight around the world, there won't be an America left soon for more of these atrocious acts to happen. The lack of compassion in the speech he made was plain for all to see.