Extra hour in bed

In the UK, the clocks went back last night, and all day yesterday all I heard from people was "ooh; we get an extra hour in bed tonight". This, technically and realistically, is not correct.

How many people do benefit from an extra hour? How many people do sleep an extra hour? I'm sure there are some, but the majority of us won't sleep any longer than we would on any other Saturday night / Sunday morning, for we are creatures of routine. 

On a Sunday I often wake at 08:30 (over 1.5 hours later then during the week when I'm working) but I also go to bed later on a Saturday night because I know I don't have to get up, so in effect I get the same amount of sleep. During the week I average 6 hours per night, on a Saturday I can get in a full 8 hours. 

This morning was no different to any other morning. I was awake at 08:30 - in 'old' time. Today though, that time suddenly became 07:30 which now means if I go to bed at the same time tonight as I always do, then I will actually be awake for an hour longer today than I would have been if the clocks stayed the same, so rather than gaining an hour in bed, I have in fact lost one. 

Then, there are those poor people who had to work last night. My Mum worked for the NHS and every year got the "Clocks back shift" meaning she worked an extra hour during the night, which she was never paid for - agency staff who worked it got the extra hour's pay. Annoyingly, Mum never got the night shift when the clocks go forward, those staff working an hour less, don't lose any pay for it. 

How about the people who had to do a morning shift today? Emergency service personnel; they don't benefit from an "extra hour in bed" either. 

I've heard many times over the years the reason we change ours is to do with farmers in Scotland; how true this is, I have no idea. I'm not entirely convinced by it because all they need to do is set their alarm clocks an hour earlier. I can't see why the rest of the UK has to be affected just for them. A google search showed it to be the idea of Benjamin Franklin and it wasn't until 1916 that we actually began to instigate it. The world has changed so much since those days, I'm not entirely sure we need to be changing them any more. It confuses me even more when I went to speak to family on the other side of the pond, because some of their states also change their clocks, just not at the same time as us. 

I guess though, I do get an hour to work through the list of jobs which need doing, so the housework and things I don't like to do, get some benefit from it all! 

Even my dog is confused and being so poorly as she is, confusing her is not a good thing.