Whoosh, oomph, thud

So, there I was, happily walking along our local woods, the dog in front of me, my little old Mum behind me. We were chatting about whether there were kids in the main area, or not? We avoid the area if there are for they ride bikes around like it's a rally track, and are often down there sharing around their "legal highs"!!!, joints and on the odd occasion I've seen discarded baggies with remnants of 'white powder' in. They also do not give a shit if you are there, or not; one almost took my dog out once. Further to our East on a parallel pathway a father was pointing out the various trees/ferns, to his kids - we could see them, they couldn't see us (thankfully) due to the height differences between us. Planning which route to take when we reached out next path, I found myself reaching the junction a little quicker than I should have done, for one second I was upright, the next I was on my arse, sliding down a wet, muddy hill, stopping 20 feet below where I had been stood just a few seconds earlier. 

My left hand dragged itself through a bramble bush (there were a couple of thorns almost a centimetre long) my right leg striking a rock at the bottom jarring it (I heard the "pop" from my knee and hip at the same time as I felt it). My Mum appeared by my side asking if I was ok, and I could see by the look on her face she was waiting for me to answer "yes" so she could start laughing; the dog launched herself at me, showering me with sloppy dog kisses. Once she'd finally got a handle on her laughing, Mum decided it would be a good idea for her to help me. She's in her 70's, she's 3/4 sizes smaller than me, I was a 'dead weight' and what I really needed to do was gather my thoughts, before pushing myself up from where I was. I know she was trying to help, and I appreciated it, but she really was more of a hindrance 😂😂

From the soles of my shoes, to the middle of my back, was covered in mud (thankfully I had a jacket on which avoided the dirt and covered my bum enough for me not too look too much like a dick when I walked back home again 😂😂). When I say I 'walked' home, what I mean is I limped/hobbled because the pain in my knee was pretty intense. 

Being the 'big-brave-girl' I am, I still sent Mum up into the attic when we got back so we could continue to clear some more of it out (I don't go up there because of the spiders and the fact the ladders we have to get up there are not the best in the world - under my weight they wobble and creak a little too much). Mum is also shorter than I, so she gets up there, I stand on a set of smaller step ladders, she passes to me, I take the bits, climb down my steps, put it in the bathroom, climb back up ready for the next one. She refused at first, because of my knee, but the painkiller had kicked in and I was feeling indestructible. For almost 3 hours she passed, I climbed up and down; up and down. It was worth it for the amount we got cleared (I have loads of bits to sort through and get 'for sale' - sadly there's nothing of any importance but I think what we got down just yesterday could raise a couple of hundred on a good day). However, by the time I'd eaten dinner last night, sat down for an hour, it wasn't quite so worth it. Trying to move my fat arse off the sofa was no easy task.

This morning, even parts of me I didn't knew existed are aching, and no amount of radox is going to help. However, I'm alive, I'm in one piece, and life is good. So many other's are not afforded that luxury.