Separation Degrees

It's not often things amaze me these days, however, this morning I have found myself (and my tiny mind) have been totally blown away. 

There are currently just under 7.5 BILLION people on this planet (apparently we are all 'connected' as well - 6 degrees and all that!). 7.5 billion and people. out there, somewhere I've never heard of, will never visit, didn't even know existed, are visiting my blog in droves. For me to be found in such a big sea of people is more than amazing, mind blowing, of any other words I could use. I can't afford to allow myself to sit and think about it, for I think my brain would possibly explode with the enormity of it all.

I always think about (and have heard on more-than-one-occasion) how inconsequential I (and every other "ordinary" every day person) is, yet here I am, sitting in a small office, at the back of a shop, in the south of England, and people from all over the world are reading the crap that I am writing. In some small, strange way, it does make me wonder if maybe I could write the book I've dreamed of writing, after all. Won't get too carried away with myself on that score, yet, though :) 

Who knows? In amongst those 7.5 billion, could also be my "Mr Right" just waiting to come across me. Hahaha. Let's not get too carried away just now though :)

Can you even begin to imagine if every single one of those 7.5 billion was to donate just 1 penny to my vet bill and road trip funds, I'd have 70 million pounds (or dollars). Wow; that's more money than I would even know what to do with. That would surely pay my vet's bills, send me on 3 road trips a year for the rest of my life, and help out so many different people in this world who need help. All that from just a penny! Of course, not everyone has access to the internet, or to a spare penny, so instead, I reckon I could use just 1 million people (a miniscule amount in the grand scheme of it all) donating just 10p (10c) and that would also give me all I need, plus more to help other's. Or 20000 of you donating just £1, 2000 of you donating £10, 200 of you donating £100, or just one of you, a kind one of you who has money earning the big banks and corporations interest on a daily basis, could donate £20k, Literally, just 200 people somewhere in the world, making a £100 donation would see me have my dream come true and my dog's vet bills paid so she can stay alive for another 3 or 4 years. It's such a small amount really, that could do so much. I'm not good at maths, but even I know those 200 people make up less then 0.00000000007% of the total population.

Going back to the 6 degrees, I do find it quite odd how that works, yet fascinating at the same time, because you think of all those people out there, and wonder how it is ever possible to be connected, then you look around at your own friends, family, acquaintances and realise it is more than possible. Facebook has been a good one for showing me that it does work, for I have friends on mine, who don't live in the area (or even the same country) who then show up as a mutual friend on someone else's page. They don't live in the same area, don't share any of the same friends, except that one person, who you know through a totally random meeting. I've scratched my head a few times pondering it all and wondering whether our meetings really are "by chance" or whether they do happen for a reason - even if it's just to keep the 6 degree connection going :)

My Native friend, out there in Arizona - our coming together was totally random, unexpected, and to this day I still consider it a blessing (he's a good egg really and has been with me through an awful lot). We live on opposing continents, have been brought up in totally different ways. We share nothing in common to our history, culture, or lifestyle, yet here we are, on this wonderful planet we call "home" sharing our lives with each other. Our friendship also shows that people who come from totally different walks of life can indeed, be friends, and live in peace with each other. We share none of the same beliefs, yet due to our respect of each other, those differences have never been an issue between us.

A few years ago my brother began a crusade in Genealogy - partly because we wanted to find out about the Grandfather we had never known. Again, that is quite mind blowing, but also tests the 6 degrees theory, for through it we have found not only our relations in the USA, but also people in Poland, Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe. People we could have passed in the street on our travels, without ever knowing we were cousins, or that we shared the same DNA. We are separated to those people by one 1 degree, therefore making the 6 even more plausible.

The planet we live in is not huge as such - it's big enough for us - and when you look at a map, or globe you wonder how it's possible to live in such a vast wilderness, with so many other people, and be connected, yet here we all are, connected in someway to one mutual person. Any of you reading this right now, may never have met me, never heard of me, never come in contact with me before, yet we could be connected to each other on any 1 of those 6 strands. To you, I say "Welcome".

The internet has definitely made the world a much smaller place; who knows? One day those 3 degrees may even shrink to 4 (or 3). In fact, a 2016 study by facebook, got the total down to 3.5. The world is most definitely getting smaller.