School Report and Las Vegas

Helping my Mum put some bits up in the attic yesterday - when I say I helped, I passed the bits up (I do not enter the attic for anything, or anyone) - she began to pass more crap down to me (it needs clearing badly, so this was not a bad thing). Among some of it was a school report of mine from 1983 - the would write them as we finished a year. In our world that was 2nd year senior school - in today's world that equals Year 8.

I hated school, passionately. I'm not an academic type person, I was bullied relentlessly, and most of the lessons I was being taught were of no interest to me - this is apparent by what has been written about me. The only real positive report was from one of the only 2 teachers I ever really liked. She was encouraging, kind, and so good at getting the best from people; sadly, she died at the start of the new term after the summer break. Don't get me wrong, they're not bad, I tried to learn, I tried to do what was required of me, I wasn't a disruptive pupil. I just hated the place.

My biggest issue (other than the bullying) is that aside from Geography, I wasn't interested in any of the subjects we were being taught. History was ok (we learned only about WW1 and WW2) and while it was interesting I never really felt we were taught about the people who fought, or what they went through, which is what I was interested in. Visiting France a few years ago I feel I learned more about both wars in the 7 days I was over there, than I did in the 5 years I was stuck in a classroom. Geography was my favourite subject (at least the Geology side of it was) and I think I would have progressed further in a geological career, however, I failed my exam - I have no idea how as my tutors all told me my coursework alone (for which I always got A*'s and Distinctions) would have guaranteed me a grade 2, so to fail (even now) is unbelievable.

So, what did my reports say? The general idea was this "Sarah puts in effort when it's something she enjoys, but will slack off when the subject is not on her priority list. She needs to spend more time concentrating on the job-at-hand and less on the distractions around her". Those distractions were 2 boys; one called Gary, the other called Lee. I saw with Gary in most of my lessons and he used to make me laugh so much. Lee I knew through a close family friend before we started school and we got on like a house-on-fire; I'd sit with him in maths (my least favourite subject - ish, I hated PE and Science too).

On a side note, my number one has just informed me they are considering the option of getting wed in Las Vegas. Eek. That will mean she'll want me to go, which will in turn mean I have to find the funds to do so, which will mean dipping into any I have sorted for the road trip. What a dilemma that will leave me with. Here's hoping she chooses here (although I would love a week away :) ) Unless of course I meet someone soon (really soon) and have myself a wedding over there too.. hahahaha. It is where I've always said I'd get married, after all :) 

It's not my favourite place to visit, in fact I don't really like it all - too much heat, noise and way too many people, however, it's one of those places that once you are there, you can't help but get caught up in it all and any experience is a good experience (even if it's bad). With the right people I am sure it could be a cracking place to spend a week.

Even though I want to get married there (I have no idea why) it's not somewhere I would stay once I'd 'done-the-deed'. I'd like to fly in on one day, get married and leave on the next, heading off to pastures new and a honeymoon visiting other, more cultural, places along the way. I'd like to visit Tombstone AZ so would possibly work a route out to drive from Vegas to Tombstone (I also have a friend who lives on the Gila River Reservation (when he's not in prison!!!!)) so could pop in a visit to him on the way, before heading across to Dallas for a flight home (I'd fit in lots of places I've only ever heard/read about on the way). What do you mean I'd need to run it by my potential husband? If he loves me he'd be more than happy to do such a thing; plus it would be way cheaper than doing a "proper wedding" over here :)