Friday, 8 September 2017

Mass Destruction

It seems as though everywhere you look these days there is some kind of destruction going on in the world, whether it be natural, or human engineered; everyone is angry with everyone else, and Mother Nature herself, seems to be more pissed of than anyone. 

I grew up during the 'cold war'. I remember living with the real threat that any moment someone could hit the red button and the world would be obliterated. Russia and America being the main culprits when I was a teenager. Then along came Mikhail Gorbachov, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. 3 individuals from different backgrounds, living in different countries, who put aside their differences to sit down and talk with each other. They were ground-breakers in terms of starting the ball rolling on peace in the world; they realised we could all live alongside each other, and for a few years, the world seemed to be a better place. That, sadly, didn't last long because suddenly America (sorry my American friends and family, you really do have to take the blame in this) decided it was better than the rest of the world, and through the back door set about world domination (at least Hitler was upfront about it). I don't get into politics but even I am aware of how dangerous George Bush (jnr) was and how his climbing into bed with our Tony Blair pretty much destabilised the world. They instigated the "snowball effect" and sadly, that ball is gathering momentum at an alarming rate. 

We see the rise of isis, fuelled by the west going into their countries, overthrowing their leaders, trying to "westernise" the people remaining, overnight. There were no contingency plans; they went in all guns blazing without a second thought about what would happen once they'd achieved their initial aim. They didn't care about the people; they wanted the glory. They wanted to show the world they are the "ones-in-charge", forgetting you can't lead the troops into battle without a back-up plan. So many young men (and women) have once again died fighting an unnecessary war. 

Thankfully, America woke up from it's slumber (briefly) and as much as he was loathed by many, I do feel Barrack Obama helped to calm the waters a little - not as much as was needed, he had a long way to go, but he definitely put the correct wheels-in-motion. Then, in November of last year, the American people did the "unthinkable". They voted in Donald Trump. In the 8 months since he officially took office, that man has turned an already unstable world, into one that is just about rocking on it's hinges. The cold war is very much alive again, and gaining momentum. Russia and America are on the verge of coming to blows, however this time around, we now have North Korea and China throwing their weight around too. They are on top of the daily threat we all face from Isis and their supporters. Every day, each and everyone of us faces the real threat that we may not make it home again each evening - not because of accident, injury, or our own bodies shutting down, oh no, we face the threat from other human beings who seem intent on doing as much damage to their fellow humans as is possible; people who are angry, and angry people with a little bit of power, or warped sense of "right-and-wrong" are capable of anything. Make no mistake, we are living in very dangerous and unsettling times. 

I remember reading something back at the turn of the century which suggested there would be no life left on the planet by the time the 22nd Century arrives. I don't mind admitting, I mocked it, putting it down to some "crackpot", one of the ones who walks around with their sandwich board strapped to their bodies "The World is Nigh" written in bold letters. I'm not mocking those people now, for it is evermore apparent, they may well have a point. 

One of the many "theories" I have read over the years about different things, stated that we were all part of some alien experiment that went wrong. Alien beings came here, walked among us, then saw that we were only out for ourselves and would end up destroying the very planet we live on. Instead of becoming friends with us, adding us to the growing number of colonies who assist and work alongside each other for the good of all humanity, they wrote us off, marking our card (so-to-speak). We were listed as damaged and a danger to ourselves. Again, something which was laughed at, however, it would appear the theorists on that score may also have a point. 

Even more pissed off than the human danger men at the moment though, appears to be "Mother Nature" and boy, is she angry? Just this week she has ripped her way through areas that have been left decimated. She started when she unleashed Hurricane Harvey - now, although he gave Texas quite a battering, it wasn't as bad as it could be. I guess that didn't get enough attention, for she then sent along Irma, who has caught the attention of people around the world. Reports are suggesting that 95% (that's ninety five percent) of the island of Barbuda has been wiped away. Other Caribbean islands have taken a battering - thankfully, as it stands right now the death toll is very low, however, they are still trying to reach some of these islands, and with communication systems down, nobody can really be sure of anything. My own first love (the one I've talked to you about on more than one occasion) is living in the BVI - as of now, as far as I can make out, nobody has heard from him since Wednesday morning. I'm sure all is fine and it's just a matter of no phone/internet, but it is a worry. I've seen photo's of the island he lives on and there are collapsed buildings all over. People are saying there are no deaths, but how will they know for sure until they can get into those buildings? I don't mind admitting, it scares the shit of out me, the thought that he could be injured (or worse). We may not have contact with each other any more, but he has played a massive part in my life (for a long time he was the centre of my whole world) and the thought of him not being around any more would be hard to take. 

As I sit in my dry office, typing all this, Irma is heading towards Florida - my cousin in Ormond Beach is already on the road with her cats and dogs, heading to another state, where hopefully they will be safe (although looking at the now-proposed route for Irma there is a chance they will have to be on the move again). She was saying the other day how it's not just about boarding up their house to keep it safe, or packing the animals in the car with them, it's about the bits they can't take with them, the stuff handed down through the generations. She has many items which belonged to her parents and grand parents that hold true sentimental value, which they just can't take with them. As they left their house, they did so knowing that when they return they may have lost everything. Those people on the islands which have already been hit, are now facing their lives with nothing, for they have already lost everything. Yes, Mother Nature sure is pissed off.

The areas which have been hit, won't have time to rest-on-their-laurels though, and go about the task of cleaning up, repairing and rebuilding, for there is currently another hurricane that is gaining speed and power, heading in their direction (another has been building in the Atlantic that is expected to make landfall in Mexico - there doesn't appear to be the same fears for that one and it's been very much 'downplayed' by comparison). The newest hurricane (Jose) is currently on exactly the same path as Irma and has, just today, been upgraded. The wind speed this morning was registering at 85mph and it is said to be "gaining". Those poor people in it's path, if it stays where it is and does follow Irma. The homes which are still standing, will have been weakened by Irma, so a direct hit on them again (if Jose does make their landfall) will most likely take out what is left. They must be there, scratching their heads, wondering what on earth they have done wrong. Some people say they live in "paradise". From where I'm standing that's not what paradise looks like. There is always the possibility though he will veer off and not make landfall at all - those people can only hope. 

As if all of that isn't bad enough, when I switched on the news I was greeted with the news, Mexico was hit by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake - it was felt as far as 600 miles away. 600 miles!! Since then, they've had 29 aftershocks (up to this point - just 6.5 hours ago) most of those over 4.1 magnitude. When I left for work this morning at 07:30 they issued a tsunami warning of a 70cm wave, however (thankfully) that came to nothing, but just now I read they are preparing for 3 metre wave; if that actually makes landfall the devastation could be worse than the one in Asia on Boxing Day a few years back (200000 people were killed that day). As yet, they're not guaranteeing it will make actually make land; I hope it doesn't and it dissipates.  

I know these things happen every single day, but it does seem as though they are happening on a more regular basis; the earthquakes seem to be upping in intensity and time between each one. Yes, it is 'hurricane season' and there have been bigger than Irma (just one, I believe) so it's not as if any of this is anything new; they just seem to be happening on a more frequent basis, as if Mother Earth is telling us to "Sort it out". 

It does make you wonder if the saying "The earth will end in a ring of fire and flood" might well have some truth to it's basis (there have been a  lot of 'wildfires' this year as well). 

We can't wholly blame Mother Nature for all that is happening (we have all played some part in this through our neglect of the planet we are lucky enough to call home) but she has certainly participated to it, she is pissed, and who can blame her. Each day she sees us destroying what we have a little more (and when we're not destroying it, those in power are threatening to). We are truly living in terrifying times. 

I think I need to raise the money to send me stateside, sooner rather then later, while there is still a "stateside" to visit.

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