It's a new dawn

although it's now afternoon to me, so not so much dawn any more, however, the sky is a little bluer, the trees a little greener (and orange in places thanks to Autumn making it's way to us) and I am feeling a little calmer than I have of late.

Firstly, before I get on to what has been going on, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who have sent me such kind words this week; it means to much to know there are people out there who have never met me (most likely never will) who are willing to take the time to reach out when someone is feeling so low. A little kindness really does go a very long way.

My dog is home; she's still not well, they still don't know what is wrong and we are having to monitor certain bits about her every day, but she's home, and aside from some odd shaved patches, she looks just as she always has. My, has she been through the ringer this week? As have we. The vet's are waiting on some "cultures" to come back on the fluid in her lung to see if it is in fact, cancer. For now though she is being treated as though it is pneumonia so we have antibiotics to give her, and have been told to allow her in the shower with us daily (not the cubicle itself, the bathroom, so she can have some steam to aid with her breathing. While it's not good news, it is better than it could have been, and I'll take what I can get right now, and keep hoping against hope, that my little 'fat bum' is still with us in 4 years time (like the cat who I had a deal with to reach 22 - she made it to 20, the dog and I had a deal she'd make it 18 - I'll accept 14 and nothing less). 

While she's been poorly I have taken a step back from the active road trip fund raising; that doesn't mean I am not going to keep at it, but this week, visiting America didn't seem such a big deal. I know I cannot allow what's happened to stop me achieving my dream, and I am sure I will get back to it, sooner rather than later, but right now if I had the money I would never be able to leave her to travel, so it seems a bit crazy to be actively seeking the funds. However, the amount of vet bills I've paid out for have pretty much wiped me out anyway, so if anyone wants to help me out with that I would not refuse. Click on the photograph down the page to be linked directly through to my paypal; it would surely be a massive help and will mean if it is cancer I could afford for her to have all the treatment she may need. Clicking the image will not take you through to the holiday fund, so the money wouldn't be used for a trip. 

I brought my camera to work with me this morning; I have some lovely flowers in stock today, so thought it would give me the chance to practice some more techniques, whilst also giving me a portfolio of images I can use on my shops business page, and my own flower blog. I'm pleased with some of them, not so with others. Considering I don't have a light box, background screen or any of the other bits and pieces professional have, and was utilising what odds and sods I could find, I'm happy with how some of them have come out. 

I finally downloaded ios11 today - I tried to get it before, was unable to. Turns out because I'd been running beta for ios10 I had to delete something to be able to get it; I had to google why though and was lucky enough to come across a tech website where one of the guys who worked there was having the same problem. Had I not done so I'd have been none-the-wiser. I can't say I've noticed much difference; the odd shape change here and there. I don't think I really use my phone enough to know if the changes are good, or bad :)

It does make me chuckle when a new iPhone is released. All week the little samsung users on my facebook have been sharing meme's about Apple users and sheep. Sad sacks don't even realise that there are more android than ios users in the world, and they are the ones who are out there bleeting. I found a pie chart online the other day clearly showing the sales figures. Of course I shared it to their walls under their meme's. Oddly enough, none of them have shared anything like it since :)

I had a samsung once. Loved it. Great little clam-shell phone, back in the day. It bounced well, never once broke and if I'd not lost it I'd probably still have it now. I replaced it with another Samsung, which basically blew up whilst charging. The nightmare I had with them over that. They tried to tell me it was a knock-off and a fake, when I'd bought it direct from them. It actually set fire to my bedroom wall; there were flames shooting up it like rockets. It's a good job I was in the room when it happened, or I dread to think what could have occurred. I've never touched their phones since.