Friday, 1 September 2017

Imaginary Friends

Ok, so I have a theory - I know, I have them to do with most things :) - this theory though is about "Imaginary friends" (I bet you'd not have realised that if I'd not told you, would you?) 😂😂 You are correct, I am in a really good mood today 😂

Anyway, back to what I sat down to ramble on about. 

I never had an "Imaginary friend" - stands to reason though as the few 'real friends' I had weren't necessarily the best, so why I'd want 'unreal' ones too would be anyone's guess. Now, there you have it, I've just called them "unreal", yet that is definitely not what I think of when I think about "Imaginary Friends".

I've chosen this subject because at the weekend I got to meet a little girl called "Lucy". My friends daughter held her hand tightly as she walked her over to meet me, never letting go the whole time we were talking - she wanted to reassure Lucy that she was safe. Eventually she said to me "Lucy, likes you"; at that point she let go of her hand. I chatted with Lucy in the same way I chat to any new 'little person' I come across. The only difference between other 'little people' and Lucy, is that my friends daughter is the only person who can physically see Lucy. 

Does that mean she is any less real though? Just because I can't see her, does that make her just an illusion in a 3 year old girls mind? I'm sure all of you reading this will have a thought (or idea) one way or the other. 

I know we don't understand the mind, the brain, or what makes us tick; we most likely never will, so until such time arises that someone is able to prove (or disprove) what is real, and what isn't, then we have to make up our own minds about such things. I, personally, have quite a vivid imagination at times. I've had dreams that have seemed (felt) so real I wasn't entirely sure if I was asleep, or awake, when having them. The logical part of my brain tells me I was asleep and it was just a dream. Scientists tell me, I was asleep, it was just a dream. Friends tell me, I was asleep, it was just a dream. What if it wasn't? What if all of those people are wrong? How do we really know? Another friend of mine believes in Astral Projection. What if those times I was with people (supposedly in a 'dream world) I was actually with them, awake, while astral projecting myself? I'm not a big believer in Astral Projection per se, but I would never rule it out. Just last Friday (a week ago today) I had a dream that involved 2 other people. It was the first time I have ever dreamt about someone I've been talking about that very day. In fact I was talking about one, to the other. That night I went to sleep, with the other one less than 10 feet away from me, and I dreamed the 3 of us were all together. Was that just a dream, or did I somehow managed to project my thoughts and feelings to the one who wasn't with us, so that he came and joined us, in some kind of alternate, astral world?

I know what I've just said above will sound crazy to 99.9% of you; it sounds crazy to me, and I do honestly believe it was nothing more than "just a dream", but who am I to truly say that's all it was? Like everything in life, it is open to our interpretation. I heard someone once say that if you dream about someone who has passed, it is them coming to visit you. Maybe that's true, maybe you're just dreaming about them because you miss them!. I don't dream about my Dad often (but when I have done, aside from just one time, he has always been dead in my dreams - he's been a ghost in them). I've dreamed of Louis only twice - the first time he apologised for dying, saying he hadn't meant for it to happen; the 2nd was only a few months ago. I've dreamed of Donna only once but it wasn't really about her, she was just in the background. So that's my Dad, maybe a dozen times in 23 years, Louis, just twice in 15 years, and Donna (ish) once in over 5 years. I think that blows the whole "visiting" theory out of the water, for I know these people would 'visit' a lot more often than that. So, that takes me back to it all just 'being a dream'. What if it's not though? What if my friend is right about 'astral projection'? Maybe it's not that they aren't visiting; maybe it's because I've not been able to project to the same place they are at the same time! 

We could be here constantly, for months on end, talking over just this one subject, and we'd still be none-the-wiser at the end of it. 

So, is my friend's daughter hallucinating, or is she seeing a child in the very real, and very physical sense? 

I believe that she is definitely seeing a child, however, I don't know if it's her imagination conjuring up that child (I personally do not believe her to be just make believe) or if she is in fact being visited by a child from another realm (not necessarily a dead child (although that is the "most likely" reason, if she is not just conjured from the little person's imagination) but if we are to believe in alternate realities, or existence of other planes, then there's a strong possibility that Lucy is just crossing at times from one dimension to another - there's so much about life and the universe we don't understand, that I can't discount any possibility). The way she held her hand, I am in no doubt she was truly (in her mind at least) actually holding the hand of another child. I think if she wasn't physically holding onto another child's hand, then she would not have been able to keep her own hand in the position it was, for as long as she did. 

Whether I believe Lucy to be a child who is haunting the little person, or whether she is from another plane, I honestly do not know. My thoughts on such things change on a daily basis. As I've said above, I don't know if she is just part of the little one's imagination, however, I don't believe she is. I believe she is as real as you or I, I just don't know if she is a dead child returned, or one from a different plane of existence. Odd that I would think she could be a "returned" when I gave up believing in ghosts and haunting's for so long (a watch of some footage on our video surveillance on Tuesday blew open that who theory again - that's a blog entry for another day though).

Thankfully, Lucy is well behaved; I know some kids have 'friends' who tell them to do bad things, or who make them misbehave. That must be so hard for a parent to cope with. I guess, like everything, maybe like attracts like, although I wouldn't have said "No" to my very old "Drop dead Fred" when I was younger :) 

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