I'm back......

Did you miss me? :) 

5 whole days, without me rambling on about a load of crap; it must have been heavenly for you all. However, I'm back, and not in any rush to leave again :) 

What has kept me away? Well now, let me tell you. Not a lot really! 

Firstly, though, work has been busy; hurrah. It is much needed. I even got paid this week (for last month, but 2 weeks late is better than nothing at all).

Secondly, I heard from an old friend; someone I've not spoken to in almost a year (we had a fall-out - the 2nd we've had during our friendship (the last time we went several years without speaking, this time just 11 months)). The trouble is, we love each other, deeply, and are both so passionate about our friendship, and we also know which buttons to press when it comes to winding the other up and on some things we have very differing ideas and opinions. When 2 passionate people come together and disagree it can get very explosive. Last time it was me who made the effort to apologise; this time, he said "sorry". I have to admit, life isn't the same without him in it. I think though, we need to finally "agree to disagree". Our friendship is worth so much more than the things we have fallen out over :) We used to talk almost every single day, so there's been a lot of catching up to do over the past few days. I've not updated any of the blogs I run - for myself, or my photography friend.

I a visit from my number one, her (hubby-to-be)and the mini-one with her (she is just so bloody adorable). He Dad took some photo's of her amongst the flowers in the shop and they are just perfect. She's such a pretty little girl, and is extremely photogenic (grrrrr; something, I am most definitely - NOT)

I've also not had anything to really sit and waffle about (when do I ever - have anything of any interest, that is?). I did finally find out on Tuesday that my first love (the one now living on Tortola) is safe and both he and his wife are ok - that was a relief. I'm not sure how I would have felt to find out something bad had happened to him. I got very annoyed with our media over the weekend. They gave up days to Hurricane Irma and how she was going to hit Florida, and how everyone needed to "be prepared" and evacuate. They spent hours going on about how Jose would hit next, about how America would really suffer as a result (that one state) yet they gave not a minutes airtime to the poor people living on the Islands who had already been hit by Irma, who had lost everything. A whole week where all they talked about was 1 American state, and nothing about whole Islands being completely obliterated. I guess that's just the way-of-the-world these days and I shouldn't have let it wind me up so much. I wonder, had John not been living on one, if I would have felt so passionately about it? I'd like to think I would, for I always try to champion the 'under dog' but I know in reality, I probably would have thought we were placing too much emphasis on just one state, and it was unfair to ignore those who had lost everything, and that would have been the sum extent of my concern. Knowing he was there, did make it a lot more real than it would have been had he not been there. 

My number 2 is now driving. I had a missed call from her on Sunday (that I didn't return - my bad) to find out from her sister the next day it was because she was out and about with Number 3 and they were going to pop over and see me. It's so scary to think the little people are now driving. Number 1 is 26 this year; how the feck did that happen? I still remember her as the toddler who followed me everywhere (including the toilet). She also had to have mini versions of some of my outfits, or she'd sulk. I miss those little people, yet love the adults (and teenagers) they have become, equally as much. I'm hoping to get 2 and 3 together for a long weekend away somewhere before 2 heads off to work in France. She'll be away over Christmas, which will be odd. Mind you, trying to get them to organise themselves enough, to let me know when they can be free, is no mean feat. I dread to think what they will be like when we head Stateside. I'll be all like "ok peoples, these are the dates, check with work, check with your Dad, get back to me ASAP.". They'll reply "let you know by the weekend". 6 weeks later I'll be chasing them up; 9 weeks later I'll be desperately trying to find someone else to come with me. 

I've still not seen IT yet. Have any of you? Is it worth me making the effort to see in the cinema, or should I save my money and wait for it to come out on DVD? I was all set to go when it was first released, now I'm not so sure. The trailers I have seen do look as though they will bring the book (and images in my own head) to life (except for Bev) yet, somehow, I'm just not sure. What if it is as bad as that other movie thing they made of it? I do have the newest book "Sleeping Beauties" on pre-order, that should be arriving before the end of the month. I'm hoping his son (who he has written it with) has got a similar imagination. Some King books I have found very disappointing at times. Geralds Game being one of them. What a heap of shit that was. When he writes well, he does so exceptionally; when he writes bad, he does it appallingly. 

I did watch the Absolutely Fabulous movie; it was complete and utter tripe, yet I could not switch off. I hope they make more :) 

Another week has passed since I've seen my (so-called bestie) friend. 8 weeks he's been dating; 9 weeks ago he told me "I won't make the same mistake as I did last time and cut off my friends if I get involved with someone". He popped in the shop for 5 minutes a couple of weeks after they began seeing each other - he was on his way somewhere else and only came in because I'd moaned at him on the phone when he asked me for a favour. Last week he flew in grabbed some flowers he got me to make for her, and left. So glad he's not 'dumping his friends'. Mind you, the way he's been speaking to me recently it may not be such a bad thing.

Goodness; I just heard this rumbling sound, realised it could be rain, looked outside and the rain drops are the size of golf balls. I pity the poor kids who have just got out of school. I don't think I've ever seen rain drops so big. Jeez; there's going to be a few puddles out there in a minute. Just did a slow-mo; doesn't do it justice. Does give some idea though. I'm sure glad I'm not out in it, and I love walking the dog in the rain - the dog doesn't enjoy it, quite so much :)

And that's it; the sum extent of life this week :) Maybe, just maybe, I'll win the lottery tomorrow, or someone will make a nice donation :) and I'll be off on my travels, which will surely give me something much better to waffle on about :) 

There is always hope - never give up on your dreams :)