Ahhh.. Bugger it!!

This morning a friend popped in the shop to see me - along with the gorgeous dog she walks for someone. I've not seen her for a while so it was nice to have a catch-up. It was also nice to have someone whose opinion I could ask about something, because I know she would never just tell me something I wanted to here, and would in fact be upfront and honest with me, regardless.

I'm going to be a bit vague here for it also involves other people and I am not up for sharing the private details of other people - as such. I may mention someone in passing, like the ex I have on snapchat right now who thinks sending me photo's of his dick is a good idea - I have never got that at all. Why do men think seeing a photo of their willy is going to excite us? Besides, he's an ex for a reason!!!! 😂😂😂 Now, he could be any one of a number of different people (I keep in contact with all but 2 of them - 1 because I'd like to see him burn in a vat of oil, the other because he is dead), however the person involved in the conversation I had with my friend is as nondescript as the exes.

There were 2 possible scenarios to this issue, both of which I would be content with. 1 because it's the right thing; number 2 because it could get messy. One of them is being ruled by my head, the other by my heart, as with most things in life, really. I knew she would know that secretly I wanted to go with option 1, but expected her to go with option 2 - realistically option 2 is the best one all round. She didn't even hesitate in saying to me "oh, it's definitely option 1". Not what I was expecting, and because I am having to be one of those really annoying vaguebook type people, I can't tell you how much it's thrown me into a flummoxed state. However, I believe the other option is the one that will have to be the winner, so it's really all quite moot in the end, and means I've just wasted a few minutes of your time as you read through all that!! My bad. 

If it makes you feel any better I have a tooth infection that is giving me no end of grief right now. I'm seriously considering pulling the fecking thing out, right here, right now. It's been playing up for years but my dentist is loathe to pull it; I think he may finally have to get over his 'not wanting to' and just get rid of the bloody thing for me. I'm about to start my 4th course of antibiotics, in 10 months for it. The irony that someone like me, who has always had exceptional oral hygiene would end up with gum disease, is not lost on me. The fact it could have been treated and never become an issue if my last dentist had picked up on it, pisses me off more than you could imagine. 

Anyway, enough of all that. Have a look at the fun I've been having while at work today :)  I was determined this year to make bits for the Halloween window display - the last couple of years I've been so disorganised I've had to use 'bought bits'. Yesterday I made some cone-like flower things that I am going to give sharp teeth too; today I've started on some hanging ghosts. I'd planned to make them for cmaping originally and was going to bring them back for the shop, but never got around to it. Now I shall use them for the shop, then take them camping next year. I need to give them a pumpkin style mouth and am going to add tufts of hair to them, then every evening I shall snap a glow stick and pop one inside (I've left room) so they will glow from within. I also put a UV light (or 4) in the window to so they will also glow on the outside as well. I'm hoping it works how I envision it will do. 

I like Christmas because it means I can take some time off, but I absolutely love everything about Halloween. If it was down to me it would be a national holiday and we'd have a few days off to celebrate it :) The only thing I'm not keen on is the whole "trick or treat". I can't afford to buy myself sweets, let alone give them away to other kids. We've also had issues in the past with teenagers trying it on. I'm sure if I lived stateside in a nice area I'd find a way to buy sweets and get into the whole spirit of it. Over here though is a totally different matter.

I love looking on the internet at how people dress their houses for it. I've love to be able to do such things. Instead, I have to decorate the shop, and then with that I have to be really careful what I do/don't do. I can't have skeletons, tombstones or any kind of coffin. I get families in to sort out funeral flowers for their loved ones and I am sure the last thing they would want to see is a skeleton climbing out of a coffin. Instead I have to make little hanging ghosts and pop the odd spider here and there. Still, at least I get into the spirit of it all :)