Friday, 11 August 2017

Weed killer

This morning, upon arriving at work, I noticed something was a "little off" at the area where our forecourt meets the front wall of the building. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was, so entered the shop and went about my business like usual - putting the kettle on always being the first order of the day. Next on the list is making up the early delivery orders ready for when the driver arrives. The remaining fresh flowers (which haven't gone into the early orders) are then put in water, before I unlock the door to customers, then put the planters out the front on the forecourt ready to get the working day underway (the front goes out and the doors are unlocked anywhere between 08:00 - 08:25 am as we open at 08:30). It was as I was placing a planter against the shop front it struck me what was "off". 

We have a brick forecourt (it's 15ft wide (the width of the building) and 10ft deep (this goes out to the main pathway)). Having the brickwork is much nicer than the plain tarmac which was there when we first opened, but this does mean little clumps of moss have begun to form between the bricks themselves. I'll be honest, I really like it. I think it looks a lot nicer than the sterile looking sand-filled spaces which were there when the bricks were laid. It also reminds me of the area outside the cottage my lovely Nanny and Grandad lived in; the house they resided in was built in 300/400 years ago (I think the patio was relaid a few times over the years since the time of building but it had been down a good few years before they moved in). 

Because there is also a gap between the bricks and the front of the building, occasionally we will get a few weeds grow up - they're actually really quite pretty and cover the starkness of the white panels which make up the bottom half of our windows. Several people have said to me over the years "You need to get some weed killer out here" to which I always reply "No, I don't; I like it and besides all flowers began their lives as weeds". Once they start to die off and go straggly I pull them up, but until then I am happy for them to stay right where they are. They've not doing anyone any harm so it really pissed me off the other week when a customer (I absolutely cannot stand the sight of) thought it was 'ok' to pull one out (it had just begun to flower). 

So, what was it that caught my attention this morning? Some f***er has only gone and sprayed weed killer all over them. How f***ing dare they? As yet, nobody is owning up to it, but when I found out who has done it they will certainly not ever think about doing to me (or anyone else) again. I am so angry there's not even a word invented yet to describe how I am feeling. Not because they've killed the weeds (although they had no right to do so). No, I'm angry because our aircon unit expels it's water out the front, thus forming a small puddle of water. This puddle is often a source of refreshment for dogs out on walks with their owners, or those who are hanging around waiting for their chips from the shop next door. I've seen the fox lap at it, several cats and quite often the sparrows will flap around in it (I'm making it sound like a huge puddle - it's not; it's only about a centimetre deep and spreads maybe 18 inches wide, 6 deep) however, it's enough for these creatures to get a bit of a fix. Now, I've had to put a note on the window telling people to "Not" let their animals drink from it. I only hope none have done so, before I realised what had happened. 

Having the audacity to destroy my weeds growing on my forecourt is one thing, but putting the lives of animals at risk is something completely different. 

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