Totally Random

When I began writing this blog the other day I started with some spiel about Pinterest which you will see further down the page; the plan was to lead on from that, however, I realised I literally have very little to say right now (there's not a lot going on) and I was just posting for the sake of it - yes, yes, I know a lot of you think I do that anyway :) Because of that realisation, I stopped, intending to finish it off at a time when I had something more to say. I still don't really have anything interesting, but figured as I was sat at my computer, the rain is hammering down outside so there are no shoppers about wanting to buy my wares, and I have another 8 hours with which I need to be here, I'd just sit and waffle away about all manner of random things. You have been warned!!

I'm sure I've chatted about the phenomenal amount of grey hairs which are constantly (and speedily) ploughing their way through my natural coloured hair, right now. Several times over the past few years I've told myself I'm going to just "grow old gracefully" and that I should allow it to make it's way through as my best friend never got the chance to have just one grey hair (she died young) then I look in the mirror, see the mis-mash of colours, at which point I give in and re-dye it (at least then it is all one colour). However, this theory is not really working, because after a week or 2 of washing, the dye (even though it is meant to be permanent) disappears, at which point I am, again, left with hair of many different colours, with some fabulous grey stripes and splodges, and when I say 'splodges' I mean that; I've no idea how they occur other than the 'grey hair fairy' appears at night with her pot of paint and rather than work her way down my hair strands individually, she just blobs the brush against different parts, before moving onto her next "victim"!! I don't like her much.

The thing which seems to make it stand out even more is that the ends of my hair are one colour (there is still some chemicals in them) the rest of it the natural/grey so it makes it look even worse. I truly believe the only way to solve the problem is to shave it all off and start again. I'd have no problem doing this as I could raise some money for charity by doing so, I just don't want to do it right now, while I have such a fat face. Because of this I have set myself a plan of April 2018. By then I should have lost enough (how many times have I lied to myself about that) to get away with having it shaved. Between now and then though, I have no clue what to do. I did consider having the back cut really short to solve some of the issue right now, but then I want it to be as long as possible come April so that it's worth people sponsoring me (I also need to keep some length to it for the Hawaiian night camping as I have some funky extensions to wear) but to do so would mean putting on a dye again, and I'm really not up for that - or I could just leave it looking the mess that it currently is (I think that's going to be the option I go for).  My Mum actually said to me "think about your poor brother, he's been grey since he was a teenager" and while she does have a point (his first grey hairs appeared when he was 12 just before our Dad died) I do think it's slightly different for a man than it is for a woman. Because they keep their hair short (mostly) it's a much more gradual and blended transition. I could go to a hairdresser and have it chemically turned grey (like the kids seem to do these days) but the prices they charge are extortionate and I don't have the money to waste on vanity.

Today I discovered Pinterest (actually, that's a lie - I discovered it several years ago) what I mean when I say I discovered it, is that I finally learnt what a great tool it can be for directing traffic to wherever you want them to go. It's one of those social media things that I got excited about when I first came across it, that excitement waning as time went on because I thought it was just for sharing pictures, that other people share; I know now, it's so much more than that. It's a pain in a way discovering such things though as it now means I have another page (actually several, as each blog I run has it's own page assigned to it and I'm currently running 9, 3 of which are for a friend of mine) to keep up to date; I also run tumblr, facebook, google+, instagram and twitter pages, for almost all of them - how I ever find the time for work and life right now is beyond me; it's a good job I can multi-task :) If only I could find a way to generate an income from them :) Ooh, look, there is.... hahahaha... ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩

I did get another £10 donated yesterday - not sure if I told you that, or not? I'm guessing I most probably did - it's exciting when such a great thing happens, I can't keep it to myself. To some of you it may not seem like a big amount, to me however, it's the best. If everyone who viewed my blog since the weekend was to donate just £1 I'd have enough to not only go, but to fly first class as well - how amazing would that be? Realistically I know that's not going to happen, so those odd people (not that I'm saying the donator was "odd"!! :) ) making a donation of any amount means the world; little bits soon mount into bigger bits :) 

I had a look back over this weeks entries to see if I had told you all this before (I had :) ) but I also noticed a massive spelling error -ish- it was more putting in a word that didn't work properly in the sentence I added it to (no idea what was going through my head as I tapped away on the keyboard :) )

And that's that; I cannot bore you with mindless twaddle any more. Of course, one way you could help give me something interesting to talk about, would be to send me on my way with me suitcase to complete the road trip - hey, you've gotta give a girl 10/10 for trying :) :) :)