Tonight's the night

that I finally find out I've picked the winning euro millions numbers and by this time tomorrow I will be a millionaire!!!! Why are you laughing? That's just mean! Someone has to win it, and this week that 'someone' will be me :) Just you mark my words!

What will I do with all that money?

Firstly, I would buy the house that has been up for sale for so very long now, I'm not sure it can really wait too much longer for me, however, it's still there, patiently waiting for the day the keys to it's locks are in my hand (which they will be). It's just perfect, in a fab location, has already been reduced by 25% of it's original price and would be all me and the kids need. There's even enough space and room for me to turn part of it into an annex for my Mum. 

Secondly, I would take the money people have been kind enough to donate to me for the dream road trip and offer it back to the donors (if that's possible) so they could go and help someone else If that's not possible (I don't know how the site's I'm on work on that score) then I would donate what they have given me to a local cancer hospice we have. Those people go above and beyond with their care, not just to their patients, but to the families also.

Thirdly, I would "book the road trip". I'd arm myself with a pen, some paper and the phone numbers of all the motels I have sourced (even being a multi-millionaire, I'd still stay in the 2/3* places I've picked out because they are where I would feel most comfortable). I'd get on that phone and speak to all these different people as I booked rooms for us all. Then I'd head down to the local (independent) travel agent in my town and get them to book my flights  - not just because they work on commission and would get something out of it, but also because I have someone I can get back to and moan at if they get it wrong!! If they get it right they could find a nice tip coming their way! I'd probably get them to also organise a luxury coach for me to travel in, so neither myself nor my travel companions have to worry about driving - this would mean "Margarita's all round" each evening!!  That way I could also take a few more people with me (only those I know who wouldn't complain about anything). I'd allow the driver to bring along his/her partner (or friend) for company too; as a coach drivers daughter I know how much it can mean to them to have someone tag along with them. I'd ensure they had the best rooms and all their food/drinks I would pay for (soft drinks only; I'm not having someone drink a skinful the night before then drive me and my friends the next day - I have a 'zero tolerance' policy when it comes to drinking and driving; I won't drink the night before (not even 1 glass) if I know I have to drive the next day).

Next, I would get hold of the girl who used to work for me, I'd hand her my shop keys, tell her there's enough in the bank to pay herself a proper wage and keep the business running for 5 years and I'd wish her luck. She would have to allow me to order myself flowers and bits for around my house though and only charge me cost-price for them (I believe that's a fair exchange?)

Lastly I would sit down and work out who is getting what. There are some who will not be expecting anything who will receive an amount, others who will be disappointed because they think they will get something when they won't see a penny from me. I already know the 10 charities I will support - they won't get the money in a lump sum though; instead I'll pop it in a savings account, donating a set amount each month. That way it may earn a small amount of interest which will mean in the long run they get more out of me. I would leave myself enough to cover my bills and afford me several holidays (99% of which will be USA road trips). I'm not the type of person who needs to replace gadgets and things every year - if it aint broke, don't fix it, therefore my only vices really would be my trips away. I might indulge in a new car every 5/6 years (a renault megane - always a megane). I'm not a Ferrari, jag or beemer kind of girl. 

Would I still keep all my blogs running? Absolutely, although the focus on them would change somewhat. Right now, although I do waffle about life and all the crap that goes with it, my main focus is that someone kind enough to splash out some dosh will come across them, realise that I am a decent human being (sometimes) and help me achieve the dream of completing my road trip; once I've won that lotto I won't need their help any more, so my posts would change slightly - not a lot though. I am who I am, after all. 

Watch this space tomorrow :) You never know what you may see :)