You know when you sit down to write a load of crap, which some people may read, other's may not? Do you all know that feeling? If you don't then let me elaborate 😂 Sometimes, people like me will sit at a computer and tap away on a keyboard a load of letters which join up to create total and utter crap - I do it, often!!! 

Normally, I have an idea in my head of what I am going to ramble about, how I'm going to lay out the ramble, and what I am going to put in the "Post Heading" bit; today however, I sat here and thought to myself "I haven't got a clue what to put". That's how it's titled "superb" and actually, that kind of fits, because life right now is really quite "superb".😂 

Don't go getting too excited; I'm not off on my travels (not yet at least, although I have a sneaky feeling it won't be long). I've just realised I'm in a really good place in my life. Maybe it had something to do with the 'Dark Moon' we're experiencing, and the eclipse that 14 states of America (including States on my planned Road Trip) experienced - did any of you get to see it first-hand? I watched it on TV but have been lucky enough in my life to have experienced 2 full solar and a couple of lunar eclipses too. Whatever it was I'm glad it happened because I love feeling how I'm feeling right now. I've not felt this confident, happy and content since I was a teenager. 😂 😂 

Maybe, it's because I have a weekend away this coming weekend. The annual "camping trip". It's weird because I really enjoy them and like the friends I go with, but sometimes I don't like them at the same time. Not so much not liking them, it's just there are certain things I'm not over-keen on. However, it will be a cracking weekend with some laughter, way too much food and definitely more alcohol than is good for any of us :) One particular friend can't make the whole weekend (originally he wasn't coming at all) so he'll only be there Friday with us (going back Saturday) but that's better than nothing for I get on really well with him. A friend of my friends wife is also coming - she joined us last year - and me and her get on brilliantly; she literally had me crying with laughter last year. 😂 😂 This weekend is all geared up for the Hawaiian Night. Now that should be fun. Not sure I really have the body for a grass skirt, but I'm not going to let that stop me. I've also made myself a bikini top out of coconuts 😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂 Do not be silly; I am not just wearing a bikini and grass skirt. I have a t-shirt to put on under the bikini top and a pair of leggings under the skirt. Maybe if I was still a teenager then it would be a different story, but I am not, and I do not have the figure for such things any more. One day, maybe 😂 😂 I have no doubt I shall share a photograph, or 2. 

Ooh, ooh. My friend - the grumpy one - the one I've been on holiday with in recent years. I may not get the chance to go away with him again, so won't have to make excuses as to why I don't want to go, for he has now got himself a girlfriend. He promised me a few months back when the time came and he got with someone else he'd not just drop me like he has every single other time in the past; however, it's now been nearly 4 weeks and it would appear I have (in fact) been dumped. I know what it's like when relationships are new; it's so easy to get caught up in it all, to forget the people who have been there for you when you had nobody else!! He told me she's "cool with us" but I'm not convinced. His previous ones have said similar, to then go and grow an issue with me. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about, if I'm honest. As much as he annoys me, he is the only person I have in my life I can call out to 'get-out-and-about' if I feel the need to go out to play. Still, I knew sooner-or-later it had to happen. The joys of being the 'single one' ... hahahaha - for now!!! 

Yes, that's correct - above is another snapchat photo :)  I've actually spent most of my day on it chatting with an ex. We've had quite a laugh with each other, trying to see who can share the most hideous picture. Of course, he was better at it, than I 😂 😂 😂  I love the little cute raccoon thing in the one they've added today; just not sure about the glasses which give you a kind of 'Elvis' feel 😂 😂 I got all excited earlier and thought I was able to add it to the little chromebook I use at work - would have made life a lot easier, but alas I cannot; well, not unless I want to add it as a chrome extension and allow the app to view ALL my web activity and change it to boot - I don't think so. Shame though as I like to watch movies on my phone while I work which means I have to stop every single time someone sends me a snap - oh, the inconvenience of modern life 😂 😂 😂😂 😂 😂😂 😂 😂  I know I'm way too old to be using it but it is such fun. I sent a video to my ex just now and he's just come back with "hahahahah you prick... I've just scalded my balls where I spilt my coffee"  Yep; that's what snapchat was invented for 😂 😂 😂😂 😂 😂  If you've got it, feel free to "add me" SarahBradbury99  - be aware though, sending me pics of your bits will get you reported and blocked; I have no interest in seeing the parts of your body which protrude.

I'd really like to use Instagram on my little chromebook too but that's another one which is phone only. Damn you app makers; sort it out 😂 😂 😂