Thursday, 17 August 2017


Snowflakes; not the lovely white ones that fall out of the sky each winter; the ones I hope for, which rarely come for a visit, and if they do, they don't last long. No, definitely not those ones. The ones I'm talking about live among us, walk among us, some of them even talk to us; the Human Snowflake. The ones who take the slightest thing said (often in jest, although sometimes not) and they then twist it around to make into something completely different that can then be deemed "offensive"; either to themselves, or to others. Some of them even get offended, just-for-the-sake-of-it!

I've dealt with a few of these over the years; they are 'nothing' creatures who basically need to get a life. I wouldn't normally discuss them or give them the time of day (they do tend to be quite narcissistic also) however, a one has appeared, read my blog entries, and taken offence at a few things I've said (I've also been accused of being sneaky in my attempts to conceal my identity) so, I thought I should address the issue. Although really I should just say "Suck it up, Buttercup" and move on!

Identity:- hmmmm... not entirely sure how I am concealing it for I am using my own name on this; the web address of kind of gives the game away; my name is Sarah Bradbury, I am 'me' and I live in the UK (who would have figured?!) My Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ all have my name; Sarah Bradbury (if you want to find me on any of them there are links on the right hand side a bit further up the page →→→→→ ↑↑↑↑↑

That/they are me, who I am. The name given is the name I was born into and registered with. Not sure how that means I am being concealed. My blogs are free for anyone (in any part of the world) to read - you don't need to login to anything, you don't need a password, you don't need to be sent a specific link to access them; they are out there for the world to find (that's the whole point of having them in the first place - I want them found, I want them read, I want that "one person" to click on one of the "Fund me" links and send me on my way - I can't really do that if I'm hiding my identity).  The "selfies" I've posted have been of myself, that's why they are called "selfies". If I was concealing anything about myself, surely I would avoid any photo that has me included? There really are some pretty stupid people in this world. 

*Sorry about some of the bold words - it appears either those, or 'caps', are the only way to get through to the Snowflake Generation; it helps them feel what they have to say is "more important" when they use them, and when you're trying to get a message across to them it's easier to do a like-for-like.*

That is all I have to say on the matter, other than this:- If you are someone who has been offended by something you have read on any of my blog entries, please see the image below. It explains my thoughts and sentiments at your being insulted/offended far better than I could.

Back in the real world, where the only snowflakes we need to be dealing with are the lovely white pretty shaped ones - they really are quite spectacular shapes too, aren't they? Of course, I like them much better when millions of them have joined up together to create a lovely thick blanket which covers the earth beneath my feet. I'll admit, it's not nice to drive in it (over here especially as we're never prepared for it) and it's awful when it turns to ice (I'm not good at staying upright on a dry day, so you can only imagine how dangerous ice can be for me 😁😁😂) yet even though it's dangerous for me to be out and about in it, I still can't help but love it. I'm sure I would feel slightly different about it if I was living with my cousins on the east coast of the USA. They've shared photo's with me sometimes and the drifts have been double the height of me (although I'd love it to begin with 😁😁 I expect after a couple of weeks it would begin to get a little boring and monotonous). What am I saying? I could never get bored of it. I'm sure I lived in a snow-covered country in my previous life which is why I love to see it so much now; it reminds me of who I used to be ❄☃🌨⛄

One of the things I was hoping for on my whistle-stop tour of America back in 2014 was lots of snow; the weather forecasts leading up to the trip were predicting it. One day we were told we couldn't take a specific route because there was a snow warning so they'd closed the road as a precaution. I packed thermal socks, thick jumpers, my winter coat; hat, scarves, gloves. I was prepared.

I spent most of the trip in t-shirts smothered in factor 50 sun lotion where they suddenly had a heat wave ("most unusual for the time of year" - we kept being told). The only day I saw any snow was when we travelled from our hotel in Cody, through Yellowstone. It was minus 1'c that morning when we left; the only time throughout the 17 days I actually got to put my coat on (it was off again by mid-morning). On the way into the park we stopped at some holiday lodges (no idea why - oh yes, I remember, it was because Moose had been seen previously on some land over the road; we never did see a Moose throughout the whole trip). There was ice on the ground, you could see your breath when you spoke, the grass crunched beneath our feet. I had such high hopes the day was going to bring about proper winter weather and temperatures. Our next stop at the edge of Yellowstone Lake really raised my excited expectations for on top of a wooden railing there was an inch of snow (almost enough to make a snowman ☃☃ if he'd been less than centimetre tall!) and the mountains we could see in the distance were snow-capped. That was the sum extent of it; I never saw another flake. As I've said, by mid-morning we were back in t-shirts, and my coat, thermal socks, or any kind of warm covering never came out of my case again. In fact the temperatures just kept rising until we were experiencing heat well in the hundreds (f'). Not that I wanted enough to stop us being able to travel anywhere, but a few inches here-and-there would have been nice ❄☃🌨⛄ Maybe next time! 

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