5 days after they should have arrived, my breast cancer screening results are back.... having had the words of the radiographer spinning round, and around, and around my head since she uttered them, I don't mind telling you that I am sooooo pleased, for they have come back as "normal" - first time I think I've ever been called 'normal' :) 

I think (deep down) I knew they weren't going to come back with anything sinister, yet in the deepest, darkest depths of my tiny mind there was still that fear; also having found the lump I found earlier that also played on my mind too - no idea what that was (I can still feel it) but I guess it's not anything now for me to be worrying about, and the more things I have not to worry about, the happier my days will be. 

Someone I know is just about to start her chemotherapy for breast cancer, so today while I am happy for me, I can't stop thinking about her. She recently had a partial mastectomy a while back (bless her, she's also had some nasty infections as well from the surgery) and while her prognosis and outcome are good (she's going to be fine once she's completed her chemo and radiotherapy after that) there will be some women (and men) this week who aren't going to be fine. There will be some women who would never in a million years even considered the prospect they may have it, who will have gone to their mammograms without a care in the world; women who won't have given a second-thought to their results. These women will have opened their letters so nonchalantly when they received them, expecting to the see the same words I did, yet instead, they will see words which will strike fear into their very souls. Even though I had prepared myself to read those words, they would have still hit me like a 40 ton truck (yes, I really do know what that feels like too, as I have been hit by one). I can't even begin to imagine how it will feel to see it's not good news upon opening the letter when it's not something that you would have even considered.

I do still have bruises from when I had my mammogram, some of them still hurt, yet I will not let that put me off when I get the letter in 3 years time telling me I am due another one. I am all for routine screening of anything (even though some of them are not a nice experience; I particularly do not like having a smear - I don't think I've come across any woman yet who does!). However, those 5 minutes of awkwardness, pain, or embarrassment could end up saving your life and as we get so precious little time on this planet to begin with, I am all for anything which might extend my time here - I hope anyone reading this who isn't sure whether to go for any screening tests you may called for does go; your life might just depend on it.