Can you do me a favour?

6 words (not even really long words - in fact 1 is just a single letter) which on their own don't really mean a lot, yet when they are put together to form the sentence "Can you do me a favour" they strike a place deep within me, that when asked by certain people can set off a chain reaction, ending with me finding my blood boiling - sometimes, quite literally I think! 

In my life. being asked "Can you do me a favour" means one of 2 things; either the person asking wants me to lend them some money - I know, the irony, right? - or they want me to make up some flowers for them (often times for someone they know too and not just themselves) but don't have the money to pay me at the time of ordering, so want me to let them have them and they'll pay me back later. On very rare occasions, it may just to hold a ladder steady for someone, or pass a pair of scissors - these times though, are very far-and-few-between.

It's even rarer (is there such a word as "rarer"?) When my brother was little there was, for he couldn't say 'Sarah' and would instead call me 'Rarer' :) For the purpose of this entry though, I'm not entirely sure such a word exists. It does, however, fit perfectly for the crap I am waffling, so back to it - it's even rarer for me to ask someone to do me a favour (very rare indeed). I don't like to be beholding to anyone, so to find myself on Friday of being in the position to ask for a favour, was a rare occasion, a very rare one indeed. 

I asked it of a friend who has never once paid me for his flower order when he's given me the order - nor has he ever paid for them before they've been delivered, before he's collected, or at the time he's collected if we've not delivered. Sometimes I've had to wait just a few weeks for the money, other times I've waited a couple of months (once he even tried to tell me he'd already paid, when he hadn't!). Every 3rd phone call he makes to me at work is to ask me to do something for him (so many different websites or traffic and travel reports), often he's expecting me to drop exactly what I am doing to sort out what he wants there and then. I don't ever remember a time when I've asked him to do anything for me before.

So, there I was on Friday afternoon, looking at the weather forecast and clearing sky, thinking about what a tit I was for leaving my camera behind, when it struck me that my friend would (at some point) be practically passing the campsite where I was staying (his new girlfriend lives just a couple of miles from it). I also knew that if he wasn't going to be seeing her, and was instead working, he would also be passing at some point before nightfall on the Sunday. To get to hers, from his, the detour via my house would be less than one whole mile. The (text) conversation went like this:-

Me - "Hey Sweetie, I don't suppose you're passing by the campsite at some point before Sunday evening?"
Him - "not sure WHY?" (yes, it was in capitals)
Me- I've left my camera on the table at home and thought if you were going to <insert girlfriends name> between now and then you might be a darling and drop it off to me on your way passed".
Him - "I'm already there, sorry"

Now, he did say sorry, I'll give him that, but no offer of Saturday or Sunday, which is the first thing I would do if the shoe had been on the other foot. I guess that's the difference between me and many others, and why I've had people take advantage of me so often! I just think any relationship, whether that be work, love or friendship, should be a two-way thing. Alas, it would appear I am in the minority these days. What a sad, sad world we have created in our need to think only of ourselves.