Wise decision?

Over the past couple of weeks my business partner (when I say partner, I mean the guy who invested all his savings into starting this shop, who receives no money from the business (ok, sometimes he gets a pound or two). The guy who pays all the bills (I am so blessed!!!) and who I moan at pretty much every time I see him about something (I know, who would have thought it of me :) ). Where was I? What was I saying? Oh yes, my business partner :) 😁😁

He's been out purchasing a new security system for the shop - we've had some (iffy) new people move into the shop 2 doors along, that he has had dealings with in the past and he's a little concerned about the kind of people they are. For 10 years I've made do with just one tiny camera that covers the front of the shop (he lead me to believe there were a lot more - I've discovered there weren't!!!! hmmm.. nice to know my safety matters!!) however, now these new people have moved in I've got the bloody things everywhere. The back, outside, is covered from several different angles (the new neighbours have access to our back door - we share a passageway that goes nowhere except to a gate they control). It's meant to be open for all of the shops in our row but our neighbours one side have put a wall in between, and the new people have a locked gate, so if myself and the other neighbour who have to use it ever needed to escape, we'd either have to climb either a wall or gate, or push ourselves through holly bushes and brambles, into the garden of the house we back onto; our options are a bit limited. 

I did get a say on where the cameras are located inside the building though, and in a way it's nice to know that every area is now covered - should something happen. It won't save me from being attacked, but the camera's produce an exceptional quality image (even on night-vision) that finding whoever would do such a thing would be easy. One particular camera my partner wanted to put somewhere else, however, I talked him into making it specifically cover a passageway and one bit that are already covered in a sense and don't really need a camera. I told him it had to go there as the ones we have at the back might not necessarily prove someone entering the building via the back, had in fact entered, so by placing the new one where we have it's covering that area, which will prove they've entered (times, will all correlate too so nobody could say they opened the door, but never entered). There is only one way they can go if they did come in so the other cameras would pick them up and be able to prove it, but I specifically wanted a camera in this area, for a completely different reason. 

Those of you who follow my waffle, will know my thoughts on all things paranormal.  That doesn't mean I'm not open to options, or that I haven't seen things. I've seen things, plenty of things, I've just put them down to my imagination.  One thing (ooh, I shouldn't say thing as it was a person) I have seen is a man in the shop. Not actually inside the shop itself, but standing in the office, and at the entrance to the workroom. 

The first time it happened I was putting the front out (I have a large forecourt area that I pop some big planters out on during the day to stop people parking on it - it's not meant to be for parking and they block the door for my customers to get in). There I was heaving this planter into place when I caught site of someone stood in the passageway by the office door. I thought this odd because for someone to stand there they would have to have walked by me, but I assumed I'd still been half-asleep and had missed them, so I left the planter where it was, came into the shop, to find whoever it was had gone. There is no way in this world they could have left without physically walking into me, yet somehow they had gone. I then thought up all kind of logical explanations; it was a reflection from someone outside (how that could be when the person I saw was a good 30ft inside my shop and had they been outside to reflect they would have been standing right next to me). I tried not to give it too much thought and assumed it was just where I was tired.

Over the years, I've caught glimpses of things, heard noises and felt "odd" (more odd than is normal for me 😁😁) but have always tried to come up with a logical explanation. Once though, a few years ago now, I was sorting out a shelf in the workroom when I heard a noise; turning quickly I just caught the glimpse of a man standing between the workroom and office doorways. It was the same man I had seen before. By the time I'd stood up (I had to turn away for a split second to stand) he had gone. On the odd occasion, customers dogs have barked, their hackles going up on their back, all of them looking to the area between the 2 doors - a regular dog I have in here (he visits every other day) was really going for it one day and when he was let off the lead he stood by the workroom door growling. The young girl who worked for me a while back asked me one day to not leave her alone again, for she had walked down the passage next to the office and had seen him (she described him to me and he was exactly as I had seen). However, rather than freak out, she carried on to the kitchen, came back and got on with her day. It is most odd, how unnerving it is - although the thought of him appearing gives me goosebumps, and sitting her now talking about it I have my back to the door and have the biggest chills running up and down my spine - the power of suggestion and all that.

Back to the camera - which is what this is all about. So, now I have a camera covering the area I've been rambling on about; this morning was the first time I was able to check it to see if there had been any kind of movement in the area over night, and I don't mind admitting I was genuinely creeped out at the thought. There wasn't any kind of movement, for which I am really grateful, but what if there had been? I guess if there ever is it's something I'll have to deal with at the time. For now though I am thinking asking to have the camera where it is may not have been my most sensible idea!! 😬😬