There's nothing quite like

time spent with family.

After my pathetic meltdown last week for which I'd like to thank some of you - your kinds words really help; those of you who messaged me spouting your vile things, had you bothered to read what I'd said you might not be quite so ignorant (in life as well as with your comments - it's a good job I am the strong person I am for some of the words I read could have broken me; I only hope you never come across someone who is at the very bottom and not able to come back up just yet. I also hope you never experience what it feels like to hit rock bottom, although I guess being the scum that you are you're already crawling along the bottom of the pond where all the rest of the scum lives).

Anyhow; I found my solace and am back to being "me" again - although the menopause is still in full flow which means the pathetic teary side of things won't be leaving me for a long while yet.

The first thing to drag me back to the 'here and now' was reading about Bradley Lowery - what an amazing little boy he is. The very same day I was feeling as though my "perfect world" (to some it is most definitely perfect) he was falling in and out of consciousness and  his poor parents were/are preparing themselves for when his time ends - which really won't be long now. Seeing that made me so glad I have the younglings in my life.

I'd already arranged a fortnight ago to spend Thursday evening with my Number 1 and her Number 1. I shut the shop early - naughty, I know - and headed off down there. When I arrived she told me my Number 2 was going to be joining us for dinner (this is a good thing as for a while the 2 of them didn't talk - all down to Number 2's Dad being the arse that he is). They're working on getting their relationship back and it was lovely to have them both together. Before 2 arrived though, me and 1 headed off to the shops to pick up a birthday cake for 2 (neither of us were able to see her on her actual birthday - she was 18). We went into a dozen different shops looking for some proper cake candles, all to no avail, so we ended up with a pack of tea-lights to go on there :) Number 1 said I would never be able to get 18 on there - she was wrong :) I'm gutted I forgot to take a photo when they were lit.

The rest of the evening was spent chatting with the girls and Number 1's fella; it was so lovely to have them together, to chat, to be around them. I used to see them almost every day when their Mum was alive; it's been so hard not being with them all the time. 

What really got us laughing though is when Number 1 introduced me to Snapchat. I've tried it before, thought it a waste of time and deleted it. I never knew how funny the filters could be, especially the ones you can video; we were crying with laughter so hard I could no longer see a thing. I was still aching the following morning. I think that was just what we all needed, for the girls have been going through some tough times themselves, too. 

Looking at the pic above, it's really hard to believe I'm single, isn't it? 😂😂😂😂 

Friday saw me having a good day at work - I often do although recently it's been a struggle. It's still a lot quieter than it should be (I have no idea why) and I'm still not getting paid, but I know other's are having a tough time out there too so I'm not as worried about it as I would be if it was just me. The only thing which does concern me is that if it doesn't pick up soon, then my business partner (who front all the money to begin with and is meant to get some back each month) may pull the plug. We are due a rent review in May of next year, so I think I have between now and then to turn things around or I'm going to find myself out of a job and owing a lot more money than I did before we began. Who'd be a small business owner in this economy? Still, there are far worse things which can happen to me. 

Saturday saw me out with Numbers 2 and 3, along with 3's girlfriend. First time I have met her and I approve :) I loved how she was part of the team from the second I picked them up. I was worried she would be quiet and nervous around me; I couldn't have been more wrong. When I dropped her off, number 3 said to me "I've never known her be like that around someone she doesn't know, she normally doesn't speak". Feather in my cap :) 

I didn't want to just take them somewhere, dump them and, leave them to their own devices so I set up a list of challenges for them to complete throughout the evening; this proved to be a huge success. Especially the funfair ride ones. I thought they would refuse to kids rides; they embraced them with gusto :) The best was the roller coaster, which number 3 said I had to go on and sit at the front with him; I did as I was told. He screamed worse than a girl all the way round - in a silly, jokey way. I couldn't stop laughing. 

After leaving there we headed over to another seaside town with a sandy beach area (one of their challenges was to create a sand sculpture). The bit we ended up at was directly outside the flat I used to live in - another little trip down memory lane, with some good memories, of which I made more being around the kids. They also left me with some cracking photo's and videos, which will come in handy any time I'm having a bad day; just thinking about them makes me laugh - looking at them has me crying proper tears of laughter. How can I not laugh at number 3? He's such a handsome teenager 😂