Something triggered it

Following on from my waffle about the cameras and paranormal bits and bobs last week, I don't mind admitting I was very apprehensive coming into work the next morning about checking the camera footage from the previous night. I needn't have been though, for all was clear. There was no movement in the passageway areas between my leaving the evening before, and arriving the next morning. It's been that way every morning - except......

When I say "every morning" had I been writing this before I checked the footage earlier today, I would have been correct, however, since I have checked it today, I am in fact telling you fibblies - ish. According to our recordings, at 08:44 and again at 10:00 yesterday, something triggered the camera. Sadly (or is it?) there is nothing to be seen but it ran for 3 minutes the first time, 7 the second. It only runs all the time there is moving (at least that's how it should be). I have gone through it frame-by-frame in the hope I may see what triggered it, all to no avail (which, if I'm being totally honest, I am happy about - I'm really not sure how I would feel if I was to see something 'not-of-the-ordinary') I did think that maybe it was a spider crossing the lens, yet anyone who has dealt with security cameras and spiders will know, them little 8 legged creatures like to get themselves seen; they'll happily sit in the middle of the camera waving their legs at you!! We have one on the camera out the back who takes great joy in letting me know he's there - I did really laugh the other morning though; there he was, waving at me, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, came another one, double his size, who proceeded to chase him away - the bigger one soon got bored though and our resident, Cedric, is back again :) I was going to share a photo of him, then realised that would be a really cruel thing to do in case someone with a fear was to come across it - see, I'm a nice person really :) 

Back to the 2 moments yesterday; there really is nothing to see that I could say set them off. Oddly, when the guy I share the building with came in this morning, he asked me if I'd seen it had been triggered (I'm amazed he even bothers to check). He too said he had gone through it frame-by-frame and could see no reason for it to have begun recording. Now, I'm sure it is just something quite normal, but it definitely got me intrigued and piqued my curiosity for a while. You know I shall let you know if there ever is anything a "bit different" that happens or appears though. 

Proper footage of a ghost could certainly put the shop on the map, which would be a great thing for it is very quiet at the moment. I know the school holidays are just beginning and that it always goes quieter this time of year, but it seems to be super quiet at the moment. Other friends I have who own businesses are saying the same thing, also, so I know it's not just me. It doesn't help though that they all have partners who can pay their bills if they're not able to draw a wage; I don't, so have to make enough to be able to pay myself - not that I get paid much; in fact someone I know who has never worked a day in their life ends up earning more than 3 times the amount I do. They totalled up all they get one day after they'd been complaining to me about how they were meant to be able to live on what they are given. When I then showed them my payslip they soon shut up, so yeah, a ghost we could actually prove residing at the property could be just what is needed. All that advertising; all those people wanting to visit. My till could be ringing :) Not that I think I would be able to exploit whoever it may turn out to be, if such a thing was to happen, or to even exist. If ghosts were to truly exist they would be the soul of departed people, therefore, exploiting their soul would be (possibly) even worse then exploiting them when they were a living person. Dammit; there I was thinking it could be good for the shop (which it would be) but what kind of person would I be to exploit someone? Even worse, exploit their soul! Back to the drawing board - I'll still let you all know when/if something happens though.

I had a change of the wording on my fundraising sites earlier; I figured anyone visiting them will have read enough sob stories and tales of woe to last them a lifetime, so now I've just put that I have a tale and if anyone wants to know it they are free to ask, as well as directing them along to here and my other social media pages; I figured by doing that they get to see the 'real me' and can then make their judgement on whether to send me on my way, or not. Sadly, a lot of people who register on those sites are not being honest about who they are, or what they want the money for, and that's bad, because there are some people who really do need help out there. I came across one woman who was claiming she needed money for this, that and the other, saying how she was living on the streets (yet she has permanent internet access!!!) and that she was destitute. She had this cracking story which really got the heartstrings tightening, then I realised she was paying for companies to advertise her on social media sites (not a small amount of money either) and whilst I know all about how you need to speculate-to-accumulate there is a limit to how much speculating you can do. I also did a little google search and found her listed with several different sites (claiming the same poverty on them all) as well as finding her on facebook, twitter and G+. The photo's she was sharing on there painted a completely different picture, and before you give her the benefit by saying they were old images that had been taken before she fell on hard times, let me assure you some on there had been taken the day before. Practically every photograph showed her with a cigarette in one hand, a beer in the other, and believe me her "kids" that she'd bleeted on about saying they were starving, are in fact burly 6ft men who look anything but malnourished; they too seem to smoke and drink a lot! People like that should be ashamed of themselves. There are genuine people in this world who need help, yet this lot are scamming funds away from them. I do wish kind people would consider this before handing over their money. They really do need to do their research; there are way too many people willing to take advantage of the kind-hearted people of this world. The guy I share the office with fell for a sob story yesterday, handing over some money to a guy who said he couldn't afford to buy baby milk for his daughter. It was only when I pointed out to my friend that this guy could find the money for a 15 mile train journey (they met on the train) yet not for baby food!! He'd told my friend he was going to the town they were heading to because the food was cheaper there. If he'd not spent money on the train ticket he could have bought 3 tubs of baby food at the higher price. My friend was well-and-truly 'shafted'. I hate to see con (men and women) take advantage of kind people; it is so wrong. As someone who finds herself in the position I'm in because I was conned, not once - but twice - knowing there are people out there doing it to other's really put my back up and pisses me off!