Not quite getting it

Oh dear, it would appear it is a good thing I have control over the blogs I set up for my friend (for him to try and get his photography out there to share with the world) for it appears when it comes to keeping a blog, he literally does not have a clue. I'm well aware I'm a fine one to talk, as they are primarily meant to be informative and mine are usually full of complete and utter crap (I can't see me ever going viral, that's for sure - I'd love to know how some people make a business out of them!!). Anywho; I told him that to get people interested he needs to jot down some bits and pieces. I wrote his very first entry on a blog which had never seen the light of day before; it got 173 views - for a first ever. I'll take that. I told him that if he was unable to write down what he wanted to say, to send to me the photo he wanted to include, along with some bullet notes about where he was, what he was doing etc and I would turn it into a decent length blog post for him. A few days after setting it up he phoned me, getting all irate, because he couldn't' access the site. In fact at one point he was yelling at me telling me I needed to "sort-it-out" for him because he had an update he wanted to post. I was at work, with my desk in the office taken up by a client of the computer bods I share the building with so I couldn't even access a computer to sort it for him; he believed I should have dropped everything and got it sorted, there and then. Yes, I did hang up on him for shouting at me. However, later on I went through it with him (I do have "tit" tattooed on my forehead) to find he wasn't logging in with the correct email and password (his own, that he chose). Did I get an apology? Don't be silly; this is the man who never does anything wrong, ever. I've known him for most of my life and have never yet heard him apologise; for anything!

An hour later he phoned me again, chuffed with himself for setting up and posting his first blog entry - that he'd written, not which I had sorted for him. I headed over to have a look, ending up shocked that he'd not bothered to do a single thing I advised him to do. Not one. All he'd done was post a photo, put underneath what settings he used and commented "Love them or hate them these little grey squirrels really do pose well for a keen eyed Photographer" above the picture and below he'd posted this "I do find if you choose a location that regularly has wildlife in and sprinkle a few seeds etc, you will soon start to see little visitors."

Now, while he has put a little hint for people, listed the settings and noted that squirrels will pose well (they don't actually pose; they just sit and eat. It's pure luck they have a great shape that works well when photographed), I did point out again to him that he needs a little bit more info, reminding him that he wants to attract the general public to his photography, as well as other photographers who will be interested in his settings. I also pointed out his grammatical errors (I know, me, who makes mistakes all the time - the irony) suggesting he changed it a little bit. It's still exactly as it was. He's had 4 - that's 4 - views, 2 of those were me. 

When I sat down to sort the 2 web domains I'd purchased for him (that he was meant to pay me back for!!!!) I connected each one to it's own set of social media (he already had a twitter feed, facebook page and instagram  he's been using for years, so the one he has joint control of I connected to those he already had (hence why a decent amount of hits for his first ever which I wrote and shared for him to get him started)). For the other one I set him up another blog at the same time that I've linked to a new twitter feed, instagram and facebook page for him. The new one I set up has no followers - yet; not a single one on any page. Baring this in mind I decided to run a little experiment to see if a few more words on a post (and actually sharing it) really will make a difference. I copied exactly what he had shared (about the squirrel) added some little touches (about where he was when he took them and other such crap). I then posted it and shared it via the new social media pages I set up for him. His one is on the 4 views; the one he doesn't have access to which has no followers anywhere is currently on 77 without any help from friends or pages which have been running for a long time (I only posted on it last night). I guess that goes to prove my point about how you need to add a bit, and share it to get it out there (I'm not sure he's done anything with it other than post it, even though I've shown him how to share to his social media for more exposure - not that the one he has written should really be seen; I know, I'm a bitch 😂😂).

Just now I popped on to see that he had made another post; I could not be more disappointed in him. I feel as though all the hours and work I've put in for him really are for nothing. This is what he has deemed to be an acceptable blog entry.

just used those people to spend a week in Devon many many Photos to go through. I will be post a daily break down. 🗨🗨""

That's a good (ish) entry for twitter; short and sweet for facebook. Totally lacking for a blog entry though. This is the man who gets annoyed with me if he's set my camera up to show me something (without showing me or talking me through it) when I then ask him if I've done it right? I've been through blogging with him (probably) 100 times or more over the years and he goes and does that. I am so disappointed. I've turned the post back into a draft for now. I can't have him thinking that's good enough to promote his work. How is that ever good enough? Am I right, or am I being too harsh? Would an entry like that get you wanting to delve further into the photographer? Would it make you consider purchasing from him? This is the man who will go out of his way to humiliate people at times, put them down, and make them appear as lesser mortals. This is the man who will spend days researching something just so he can prove a point if someone he knows has doubted something; I once said "ooh, I've never heard that before" when he was spouting off about something to me. There was no doubt, no judgement, no calling him out. I'd honestly never heard it before; it was a passing comment. A few days later I had a dozen (and more) links to different web pages to show me what he was saying was correct; when I saw him next he made me go online so he could take me to a webpage that had more details. I really didn't give a shit. It was a comment. I'd never heard it before; end of, yet there he is, posting shit like that as his blog entry. I just don't get it. He's a self confessed intelligent person. 

Don't get me wrong; my reasons for him to succeed aren't completely honourable. I do have a small vested interest in his pages taking off, for I've added my adsense code to his blog as well as setting up a donation button - hey, I've put the work in for him, me having those on there is the least he can do for me.  The more hits and visitors he gets, the more chance I might have of getting some more funds in my kitty to take the kids to America. I've more than completed my share of doing things for people out of the goodness of my heart; now it's time to get something in return. I've also sneaked in my paypal button on there and will have a whole page on his blog dedicated to me and the fund raising efforts. My days of being a nice person are long gone 😂😂😂😂.  

I'm off now to see if I can work on the little piece of info he's put onto his blog for today. I reckon if I really sit down and think about it I could come up with something that incorporates his few lines, while stretching it out to a whole entry - maybe, just maybe 😂😂