We all tell them - those of you sitting there now, shaking you heads, telling yourself (and trying to convince me) that you don’t, are in fact lying, right now. I’m not talking about the big lies some tell, the ones (like the old friend of mine who gets his kicks from spreading round nasty and viscious rumours about others) that are primarily told to hurt or cause upset; I’m talking about the little white lies. I’m talking about the ones we tell when we want to get out of something; the “I’m really sorry the dog’s been sick” when you’re meant to meeting a group of friends in town, but you have so much you need to get done at home, you can’t really spare the time. It would be easier to tell them the truth in that sense yet doing so might make them feel as though you don’t want to be in their company, so you do it to spare their feelings (or at least that’s what we tell ourselves). The ones where you just can’t face going to the dentist on that particular day, so you ring them, put on a sore throat and make out you can’t possibly risk passing on your germs. You know eventually you have go, you can’t put it off forever, yet in that moment, at that time, you just can’t face lying in that chair while they jet wash your super sensitive teeth. There’s the exaggeration lie; the one where you may have been set upon by 2 people but when you share the story you’ll tell it as if there were 7 or 8 of them.

Have I lied to customers? Absolutely. I’ve had the odd bride come in and known right away that they are going to be a nightmare, someone who will trample all over the worst bridezilla. My life is way too short for dealing with people like that so I’ll make out I’m already booked. It’s a rare occasion (once a year, or so - or is it? Am I lying now?) I’ve been known to tell a customer that I’m unable to get them a single rose for the next day as the wholesaler doesn’t have any coming in. This isn’t true; I have to do it though for they usually come in after I’ve already put my order for the next day with another wholesaler. I have to give them a minimum order to the value of £100, to get just 1 rose. My business can’t afford to waste money like that so the customer gets told it’s not possible.

That’s not what this post is about - although it is in another way. It’s about the fact I’ve been lied to. Not the first time, definitely not the last, but this is from someone who’s quite surprised me. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve lied to me before about things. Things that are really to make them feel better about themselves so I’ve never pulled them up on it. This time though it was a blatant, outright lie. Turns out it’s the second one in a week as well, and it’s not just me that’s been lied too. Another someone we share has also been lied to by them. It’s because of this other person I know I’ve been lied to, and oddly enough I was able to show them the proof that they’ve been lied to as well. The thing about it all though is I now know that the person who’s lied to me will now know, that I know. Even crazier, is that they had absolutely no reason at all to lie to me. I can’t tell you what it was (I’m so sorry, I know that’s vaguebooking and I hate vaguebookers but it’s not fair on the person who has lied for me to share it with you).What I can tell you though it that it was such a silly little of no consequence whatsoever; that’s why it is so odd, because it really is unwarranted.  My dilemma is do I say something to them, or do I keep it to myself? I’m currently going with the ‘keep it to myself’ scenario. I believe that’s not only the best way to be, it’s also a good way to give them time to think about what they’ve done, said, and why they’ve done, said it. I’m sure they are wondering why I’ve not said something; I quite like that. I like that they are probably unnerved by it. Maybe it will stop them from doing it to me again. Maybe it won’t; I shall just have to wait-and-see.

**This part of the blog was written on Wednesday - I just didn't get around to posting it.**

In other ‘Sarah-rubbish-crap-waffle’ you may have noticed I’ve not been around for a few days (of course if this is your first visit to my page “I’m sorry”!!!!, then nothing will seem out-of-the-ordinary to you). The reason for my absence is due to the fact I spent Sunday moving things around at home to make way for the window fitters to come out on Monday - they were replacing all of the windows at the back of the house. I never realised just how much stuff I had in front of windows until I had to move it (wardrobes, chest of drawers, tea caddies - I even had to take a couple of shelves down so they could get to the window and hanging baskets in the garden that were in their way). I like the new windows and am sure come winter time I shall be grateful for having ones without gaps (I’m in a north facing room so it can get pretty chilly). It does seem odd though for I have a different set up - one small side opener, a larger window which doesn’t open which has a narrow one above which does - before I had 3 panels the same size with both the outside ones opening; I also had a glass painting on the middle (un-opening) pane which I did about 20 years ago (it could even have been longer than that for I’m sure I did it before I left home, the first time). It’s weird now looking at such a vast expense that it just clear glass; I quite like it though. It feels more “grown-up” :)

Once Monday arrived and I found myself back at work with not a lot to do (business wise) I planned on having some “me time” when I would have also come and waffled away to anyone unfortunate enough to come across these pages. That never happened for I decided the window display needed changing. A 1-2 hour job. 27 hours later this is the first time I have sat down at work since I arrived at just after 07:30 on Monday. The window display change kickstarted a complete change. Basically anything which isn’t bolted to the floor or wall has been moved. Every single cupboard (from the very front of the building to the back) has been emptied, scrubbed, sorted and rearranged. Every shelf, mirror and surface has been polished. The floors have been swept, mopped, hoovered (more than once). I don’t think the place has ever looked so clean and tidy. I spent 13 hours at it on Monday, 9 hours yesterday and 5 today. I can’t tell you how sweaty and smelly I was (I sweated in places I didn’t even know you could sweat). Looking around me now though it was so worth it. My reason for the complete change?

It suddenly struck me that I’ve been spending so much time concentrating on raising the funds to complete my road trip, and I’ve worked so hard on my friends blogs and social media (because I’ve been able to put links on those which will help me raise the funds also) that I’ve completely neglected my shop. Without my shop and business I literally have - nothing! I thought that if I can’t be bothered to look after my shop and business, why should people make the effort to spend their hard-earned money with me? Nobody wants to give away their money to someone who cannot be bothered (hence why I’ve worked so hard on the blog and social side - nobody is going to help me with the road trip if I don’t put in the effort - it works exactly the same with the shop). I think all the lifting, shifting and scrubbing have made a real difference, and the few regulars who have been in have all commented on it positively though, so I’m hopeful my renewed vigour and passion for the business will convey to every customer who walks through the door and they’ll feel more happy and confident about spending their pennies in here - we have so many bills to pay. The photo below sums up my everyday life :)