Forward planning

I have no idea what made me start thinking about my Grandad popping his clogs - he's only 79 (my Nan's second husband, 25 years her junior - yes she was a cougar!!!). For some reason though I've been able to shake the thought it is imminent (never a nice thing when I've predicted other family members deaths in the past - I'm sure he's here for a good while yet). I know when his time does come all his worldly assets (of which there really are not very many) will be split between my Mum, myself and my brother. He lives in a caravan near a beach half an hour away from us; it's an old van that would need a lot of work doing to it but it's habitable - a couple of bottles of bleach would be a good start. That in itself is worth peanuts but I think the plot it's on we could possibly get a couple of thousand for. It was always assumed when he died that would be sold and the money split between the 3 of us.

Today I've been thinking about this, him and what happens when my Mum's turn comes also. Now she's not going anywhere for at least another 20 years but I have to face the fact there will come a time when she has to leave her mortal body. When that time comes, all of her worldly assets (the house her and I share, nothing more, nothing less, which is in need of help from a builder) is to be split between myself and my brother. That means the house being sold and me finding myself homeless. I'd have enough money to put a decent deposit down on somewhere yet could never afford the extra that a mortgage would require; I could put it all into a savings account and use it to pay rent which would give me a basic 1 bed place for 8, maybe 9 years, at which point I would find myself back in the same position. My brother earns roughly 5 times what I do, is married and already has a home of his own - admittedly he rents but there are 2 of them to share the bills. Unless I meet someone who has a decent wage then I will never be able to afford anything for myself.

This got me to where my brain is today. I'm going to chat with Mum and brother to see how they would feel about me having my equal share of any cash from my Grandad - it would be nice to finally pay off the debts my ex stitched me up with - and then whether they would then be willing to allow me to have the caravan. I'd have to work hard to get it in good condition, and I don't really want to move to another town - the commute from there to work is a pain in the arse - but at least it would ensure I don't find myself homeless in 20 years; those of you thinking "anything can happen between now and then" need to be realistic. I've not found somewhere to share bills with in.... actually, I don't think I've ever found someone to share bills with, I always seemed to end up paying them. I need to face reality and my reality is that I will still be living with my Mum when her time comes, hence therefore I will end up homeless. Now, it may seem to you as if that means I am getting the better deal; I'm not, because I would still continue to pay the bills at my Mums I pay (she let's me live rent free but I pay for most of the bills). I'd have to keep paying for her because she'd not cope without me doing so, that way she would not actually dip out on anything. My brother would, to begin with, this is true, however, I would then agree to only a one/third share when Mum's time comes, so in effect he would actually end up far better off than I because my Grandads place is not worth the extra third my brother would get.

Am I wrong to be thinking in such a way? Have I become one of "those" people who plan on spending an inheritance they've not yet got? or, Am I just showing initiative by forward planning? Yes, that's what I am doing, planning for the future. Doesn't everyone do that at some point in their life?

The first thing I'd have to invest in - actually the second because the first would most definitely be lots of bleach and all manner of other cleaning products (sadly my Grandfather is not a clean person and my Nan when she was still alive was even less than him so the place is not the cleanest you will find). The second things (yes, there would be at least 2 of them) would be air conditioning units; living in a metal box during the summer would be like living in a oven to me. I could probably manage with one in the lounge and another in the bedroom. Listen to me, talking as if he's already gone and I'm planning on moving in!! The poor man's not even dead yet and could well last another 20 years himself. Chances are I'll end up going before him - although I really hope not; I have so many things left to do with my life before that happens. I have a road trip to take before then!! What, you didn't think I'd not get it in somewhere, did you?