For Sale

Not me, although if I was to sell myself by the pound I'd have enough to complete a 3 week road trip every single year :) Not even the thing I keep saying I'm going to put on ebay but then back out of as I'm not sure if it breaks their rules or not - I know I'm always saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained" but I use ebay a lot and don't want them deleting my account; I'd be stuffed (no, I'm not going to tell you what the plan is in case someone else nicks it). What I'm actually on about, is photographs.

A friend of mine (who is a very good amateur photographer - he's the one I've spent ages setting up social media pages for over the past few months) has some of his photo's listed on a website which are for sale. My photo's are nowhere near good enough to be put onto the site his are on, although I do have them on some other photographic sites (I believe a few are good enough to be seen by the public). Earlier, while researching something for my photographer friend, I found myself on one of the sites I used. Delving a bit deeper I noticed there was a "For Sale" button by one of my photo's. Tapping on this button gave me the option of putting the photo for sale (I still get to keep the copyright of it so they can only be sold as a print; they cannot be used in open publications like the ones on the site my friend uses - his can be sold to anyone, to be used anywhere). I decided that anything is worth a go and any way of raising some funds is definitely worth a try, so I've put some of mine up for sale. They're not cheap by any means, however, I don't see that as a bad thing. At what cost do you put a price on something? Everything is worth something, to the right person. I did up the commission charge a little bit so have given myself a little leeway if none sell. I'm not expecting any to sell although I am hopeful the odd one or 2 might; I shall go through my photo albums this weekend and find some I think are worthy. 

I did spend some money yesterday afternoon - I know, I really shouldn't have, but I was working on my photographer friends blogs and bits for him (I also got him a new domain) and whilst on the domain site (123reg if ever you're looking for one ) I saw I could get I am Sarah Bradbury and I am a florist, so I just couldn't resist. I don't think I will ever use it as I have enough trouble trying to keep my own personal blogs up to date, but you never know. I could share some of the bits and pieces I'm doing at work on there and link it through to the shop as well, although I like to keep me (personally) and the shop 'me' separate. Partly because I don't want random weirdo's finding me on the web and turning up at the shop, and partly because although I am the shop as such, I'm also me. I have some customers on my personal facebook page (they added me) and I really don't like it. My personal page should be for me and my family; they could have liked the shops pages instead and made contact with me that way. The worst thing is they will message me at any time of day and night to ask me questions about work related stuff too; once I lock the shop door at the end of the day, I am no longer "shop Sarah", I am just plain old "Sarah". I wouldn't dream of contacting a business owner about work outside of their business hours. I remember back in the day when the internet first started I'd got chatting to someone on a forum and he somehow found my home phone number (I never give my number out - to anyone) and he actually had the nerve to ring me. It's bad enough as a company director having to have my home address out there for anyone to find, but for someone I don't know, who I'd not told anything about myself (at the time I was working for someone else too, so it's not as if he could have tracked me down through the shop) it really pissed me off. He never phoned me again though after that day!!! I'm sure I shall find something to do with my new domain and will link it through to some social media pages :) I'm sure I'll also be able to get a road trip link (or 4) in there somewhere too - you've gotta hand it to me, I'm not giving up :)

I actually started this entry on Thursday (it's now Saturday) and I am using the florist domain I set up; I figured as I owned it I should put it to good use. I spent all day (yesterday) working on it (these days you can't just have a domain, you have to have all the social media bits that go with it). I also sorted out the new domain for my friend, although I'm not sure why as I've never even once received so much as a "thank you" from him. The only reason I still do it is because I am able to get links to my own pages on his. I was even able to turn one of his own photo's into a link to the paypal donation page I have; I was mighty chuffed when I finally worked out how to do it (and don't have to use their awful, ugly buttons). I did one for myself too. They sit proudly at the top of all my blogs - I know someone, somewhere, will click on them and add some funds to the pot! I have more than enough of them about the internet now, for them to be found. I remembered to save them too, so I don't have to fiddle about making a new one every time (I know, who am I? :) )

So, with all I have going on the plan this weekend now is to get some more photo's on the site where I can sell them, work on some more of the social media bits and I have to help out a friend of my Mum's who's just bought himself a chromebook that he has no idea how to use - he needs to be able to invoice customers and send over time sheets to companies he freelances for; I've designed him some this morning which I'm hoping will be ok, or I'll be spending my whole weekend on computers fiddling with bits and pieces - I will stop for a couple of hours at different points to walk the dog, get my shopping and watch the F1 race tomorrow :)