but oh so very confusing......

Not only did I have a busy day at work yesterday on the flower side I also got all the shop's social media bits up to date, including not only writing a blog entry for it (odd how I can think of something to ramble on about every day with my own crap, yet struggle to come up with things for the shop). I also changed the layout of the blog, managed to squeeze my adsense links into it (hey, if I own them I can use them) added new photos, links and contact forms to it too. On top of that I had a play around with my friends blog too - he's not written a single entry so I think I may have to do that for him as well but I can do that just once a week and base it around whatever photo's he shares on his instagram page - from that I can work out where he's been and come up with some crap for him. I know I shouldn't do him any favours really; it's just that after all the hours I put in to setting them up for him I really feel they should be used. Plus, I can add my paypal (when it's working) and adsense to them as well. The more blogs out there getting read that have the links, the more people will see them, the more chance there is that someone will click on one and send me some funds and that can never be a bad thing. It's slightly annoying as I know he has a domain he owns - on top of the one I organised and paid for, for him, but I can't for the life of me log into it (his login and password for everything are normally the same - and before any of you get on one he's forever asking me to log in to things to check on them for him so I have permission). He can't remember it so I've tried to get hold of him today so I could reset it for him but he's not returning my calls. I'll just change it to something later and let him know what. Once I know what it is I can point the website I've been sorting for him to it and keep the one I organised for his blog. Sadly he is one of these people who has all these ideas but never does anything about them. For 5 years he's gone on and on about having his own site to display his photo's. For 4 of those years I've had sites and domains ready for him which he has done nothing with. The domain he organised himself he's had just under 6 months. Seems crazy to me to pay for them and then do nothing with them. I must admit I've considered another one myself to use to see if I could raise the funds to travel but it's so difficult to know what to go for that might get attention and traffic. Having said that I think I own a travel one - it's what I was originally going to use for this. Hmmmm.. Maybe I should get it running and copy everything from this one onto it; "every little helps" - or so that awful supermarket I refuse to shop in says.

I started this earlier and have since spent many, many, many hours going through old blogs I've owned. Turns out I had 4 domains just sitting on a server somewhere not being used, so I have put them to work for me - what a palava that has been. I've got them all attached to this one so I don't have to keep logging out of one account and into another - for the blog purpose this works fine; I can even have them all open at one (this was much appreciated when I set them all up). The only downside is if I share from them they automatically share to the fb page, google and twitter pages I already have - this is not good if I want them to get out there, so I then set about sorting out social media pages to go with each (sadly this will mean logging out and in but if it means my rubbish gets seen by a bigger audience and some funds come rolling in then I am not going to complain. Once an entry is written and copied I should then be able to share them from my phone anyway which will make it a lot easier as it's just a case of switching between them then and not having to sign in and out of them all which could take an hour in itself. I'm not writing anything different on any of the blogs - they will all be identical - but I will add different photo's to instagram and swap about what I retweet on twitter. I had a right 2 & 8 with them too telling me I couldn't have fake/spoof accounts. It took me ages to explain I was setting up different accounts for different users for them to keep telling me I wasn't allowed to; at this point I mentioned all bbc employes use the same twitter domain with just a different first name. The guy I was talking to replied that they all have their own email to log in with - ummm.. derrrr... so do all my accounts. It took a while but he got there the end. I've only set up 2 of the instagrams so far, no extra FB or google's - they are on the list for today, but I think once everything is up and running I should be able to switch between them all quite well (I have made myself an idiots guide to help me!!!) It's taken a lot longer than I thought it would but at the end of the day it's like anything; you get out what you put in. I may not have a lot of time but at least I am using it constructively and with a bit of luck I should have it all ready by the end of Sunday - if I'm lucky.

You'll notice I've removed the PayPal buttons for now; bloody things stopped working - a known fault, apparently - but the funding sites are still very much working. You have a choice of 2 as well (I'm good like that).

You can choose THIS ONE.......  or THIS ONE :) The choice is entirely yours; just remember whichever one you pick I will be more grateful than you could imagine :)