Not quite "out, out"

So, yesterday. Didn't turn out quite as I thought it might - in fact it was nothing like I thought it might be. 

Firstly, before I get on to my afternoon/evening out, I know some of you have tried my paypal links to send me some pennies (so very kind of you) only to find it wasn't working - apparently it's a common thing with the actual link paypal create for you. Fear not, after a bit of scouting around the web and visiting paypal FAQ's, forums and the like I have found a new one which works; hurrah. Clicking on the image will now take you straight to the donation page - as will the link on the main sidebar too :) 
Ok; glad we got that sorted - extremely glad for all donations are more than welcome. 

Normally when my friend and I go out I have an idea of where we are going, but sometimes he'll surprise me with a place. Usually if it's going to be somewhere I don't need to make an effort for he will tell me. For yesterday he'd mentioned visiting a National Trust Property so I made sure I washed my hair 😂😂 painted on a face, wore a dress (something I only do when I absolutely have to these days) and put on some shoes - nice shoes; not trainers, work shoes or comfy shoes. Nice shoes. 

Usually we end up heading west and I honestly thought we would visit a place in Dorset before heading into Weymouth for fish and chips on the beach for our tea, then over to Lulworth Cove (my special place) to watch the sunset - on top of Pimple Hill looking out to sea. Perfect. I figured on getting back home around midnight, or just after.

It wasn't until we were halfway to where we went (less than 10 miles from home) that he mentioned we would be visiting a nature reserve. The last thing I was dressed for was a nature reserve. Told him he needed to let me go home and change then to which he replied "You'll be fine and I'm not sitting in that traffic again". Now, while I have no problem wandering around such a place in a dress (as such) I'd much prefer to do so in leggings, t-shirt and with my comfy work shoes. 

Now, while I cannot deny I loved the place and would dearly love to go back (we had all 70 acres to ourselves and never saw another human for the 6 hours we were there) I really didn't enjoy wandering around muddy paths, over rivers, tree roots, through the long meadow grasses and brackens whilst wearing a dress and proper shoes. By the time I got home at 7pm - turns out he had a crib game booked in the local pub (something he failed to tell me about) I was hot, sweaty and hungry (I'd assumed we would be eating out lunch out and then dinner so had not eaten a thing since I got up) my feet were bleeding and blistering; my legs are covered in gouges (so much deeper than scratches) nettle rash (those stingers really do hurt) and insect bites. 

I did get to see my first ever kingfisher though which almost makes up for the state of my lower body 😂 If you get out a magnifying glass and squint you may see him too 😂😂

I also got a couple of photographs I'm happy with.  My squirrel especially so 😂