Members Area - Freeing the nipple !!

Always looking for a new way to earn a few pennies - I really do want to get Stateside with my niece; more than I could ever try to make you understand - I thought about setting up a "Members Only" section on here. I get a lot of hits on most of my entries (why are you people not digging deep into your pockets to help me get to the USA? I'm not here just for your entertainment, you know?) 😂😂 I thought with such an area I could maybe charge people a nominal fee (I was thinking £3 for waffle, £5 for personal photos - NOT those kinds!!!! I'd want a lot more than £5 to share those sorts of images!!). On here with you, while I am myself and share a lot with you all (sometimes too much) I do also hold back on some things. I think kids may come across the public version so I try to watch my language and the things I talk about. With a paid members section I'd not have to hold back quite so much and could talk about other stuff. However, after spending ages filling in a form, working out that I'd need to set up another blog which I'd have to link through to, deciding on the costs, form size, font, colour of the "Submit" button and numerous other crap that I'm not good at, I got it all 'good to go' only for it not to work as payment is only accepted through PayPal (not a big issue) but I only have a personal account and for it to work I would have to have a business account. They cost money, the amount of which would negate any amount I was to raise. Plus, I'm not a business. I'm just a 30 something woman (ok, ok, I'm in my 40's - sheesh, you didn't need to shout it at me) who is trying to raise some dosheroonies to take her niece and nephew (if he wants to come) on a mid-west road trip. Any money I raise is purely personal - although it will all have to be declared to the taxman when I file my tax return. Maybe I should set myself up as a business after all :) No, that wouldn't work; I have nothing to sell. Unless of course I could sell myself by the pound!!! Then I'd make more than enough.. hahaha.

Ooh; I wonder if rather than set up a members area for everyone I let people make a £5 donation to me and I personally email them what I would have posted each month? Now that could work!! I'd need their personal details as if I was setting them up as a member but could just stick them on a mailing list instead. Now there's an idea. Hmmmm. I think I shall work on utilising a page for such things when I've finished this. I could set up an email account that will be used just for the members too so then it won't get caught up in my other mail. Such a shame it's illegal to send naughty photo's via email; I'm sure I could earn £20 for a nipple shot.. hahahahahahaha.. I'm joking by the way if any of my family are reading this. You know they're too droopy for me to get a good enough photo of them. 😂😂 I did try googling, you know, just in case though to see if it was illegal. 😂😂😂😂. Sod it; I thought I could have been on to a good thing. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I do need to speak to my accountant about it all really for I've earned just over £5 from my google adsense account, 13p on a review site I use and I'm hoping to sell a few bits on ebay - although they're second hand bits I've had for years so I'm not selling them for profit. I have no idea where the adsense and review earnings will go on my tax return form and hate the thought of having to pay my accountant to file it for me - he charges £99 - way more than I've made. I guess I can just put it in as extra earnings. I'll have a nose round when I file the one for last year so I can prepare myself for next year. The fundraising sites I use take their share off but I will have to pay tax on anything I earn from it; not sure if I can claim back the charges I pay them though. I guess once I've raised the amount I need then I could spare the £100 to get the accountant to do it for me. It would be a lot easier in the long run. 

Aha; I think I might have the answer - ish. I'll set up a members page after all; pop a form on there for anyone wishing to join. Once they've paid their subscriptions (I'll charge £5 per month) I'll pop them on a mailing list and then every time I update the public pages I'll email them to save them having to come find me on the web, but I'll also share pages and things with them that I don't share on the public pages. I'll just send it direct to their mailbox instead. I am a bloody genius at times.

Never one to rest idle on my laurels I stopped whilst writing this to try to find a way to add a payment button to not only the blog itself, but also each entry I write - hey, a girls got to do what a girls got to do. One of the fundraising pages I set up accepts payment through an account called Stripe (we use it at the shop for our payments also). As I have an account I thought this would be a good idea to use; how wrong I was. They offer a widget/button thing to put on your site but unless you are a techy who understands code and whatnot (which I do to a point but not really) then you've no hope. I finally thought I'd got it sorted, did a test run using my own card for 50p (I'd have gone less if I could) for it to look as though it was working only for me to get an error page after it had said the "submission has been been successful". Right now I'm not sure if they've taken my 50p or not because it's not showing up on the payment dashboard it should be on, and there's nothing on on my bank account - I'll have to wait until later I think to check that. If it's not gone into the stripe account but has gone out of my bank account then there's 50p of mine floating around in cyber space right now. It's a good job I was able to pay myself this morning - 8 days late is better than not at all. It looks as though I may have to look into changing my PayPal account after all - something I really didn't want to do.

I started this entry yesterday afternoon when I was so sure what I wanted to do was going to work and that I would be able to get it all do what I want it to do. Alas! I was wrong!! Nothing new there. Apologies to those of you who have had to read through all the above to get to this point :) You're obviously crazier than I am for I'd have given up ages ago :) Anywho; I couldn't do what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it and so this morning have had to set myself up a Business PayPal account - even though I'm not a business as such. It's annoying because it means they will take a small percentage of anything donated (in the same way the fundraising pages do) and the remaining I will also be taxed on (I'm not crazy enough not to declare everything - the thought of getting on the wrong side of the taxman is not one I relish) so it means I will get a lot less than if I could have kept it as a personal page (at which point PayPal would not have taken their cut. Still, I guess it's better to do that than not have the option at all. It's also much better than having to flash my boobies at people!! 😂😂😂 If you look to the right of this rubbish..>>>>>>>>>>  You'll see a little PayPal 'Donate' Button. Annoyingly I can't get it to fit in the space as I would like because they write the code for it (I did try to change it but then it wouldn't work) but it's there; it can be found. I'm also going to add it to each and every blog entry (see below ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓) 😂  A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do 😂 😂 ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Don't ever tell me I'm not prepared to try everything I can to get what I want!! 😂😂 If I'd been able to read/write code better I might have known what I was doing with the stripe one, but my goodness that was so bloody confusing. PayPal did offer the option of putting in set amounts but I thought that a little presumptuous - it could also mean someone wanting to help me out with more ended up giving less, so I've left it blank for whoever wants to donate can do so with any amount they choose. I have no limitations set on my so people can donate anything from £1 to £100000 - I'll be honest if someone was to do the top number I'd give anything I didn't use to our local cancer hospice.

It would appear  my limited knowledge of HTML code is not all bad though for I have been able to get a link to it on my FB page, Google + page and also as a permanent link on my Tumblr page. I'm not as daft as I look. Surely all this hard work has to tempt someone?? Doesn't it?