Just a dream?

Not about travelling stateside - I've never actually dreamt about that during the night; it's a daydream I experience every day though :) This dream was a night dream, the kind you have when you're in the depths of sleep; the kind that feels so real you can smell the air, feel the rain, sense all the experiences. I'm lucky in that I don't have many dark ones and as yet I've never had a dream come true (ooh, an S Club 7 song flashed in my mind then - eek). Some I'm glad haven't come true, other's I really wish they would :)  The one this blog is about was the one I had last night when I witnessed a plane crashing. It wasn't a massive crash as such; the plane came into land at the wrong angle for the runway, landing tail down. As the tail hit the ground it exploded into a fireball, the front of the plane though appeared unscathed as it hurtled across the grass, then runway but I woke up at that point so can't be certain it wasn't worse than I saw it as. In case you're wondering it was a Ryanair plane. It's not the first time I've dreamed of a plane crashing, although usually when I do I'm on the plane; this time was the first I've witnessed. As I said I've never had a dream come true so I'm not worried about it. That's a good thing for some others too as a while back l dreamt that on the very same day Warren Beatty would suffer a heart attack, Doris Day would pass of old age and Tom Cruise would be assassinated; that was one crazy dream. 

I have had thoughts come true though, some of them quite scary. I don't believe in premonitions as such because I don't understand how such a thing could be real, yet there have been times I've thought about something (unfortunately it's never been nice things) and those thoughts have materialised in the real world months later. I don't talk about them to people so can't ever have them verified. I have on the odd occasion written them down though and posted them back to myself. Trouble is I have so many I'd not know which envelope to have opened by someone else to prove that my thought was in fact a real thing. The really dark ones I keep completely to myself; not for fear someone might believe I have anything to do with them. I keep quiet because I fear talking about them could in fact give someone the idea to then go and carry it out. I could never live with myself if I thought I'd given someone an idea that could cause hurt and pain to others. I do sometimes think after something has happened that maybe I should have said something, that I could have (in some way) stopped it from happening but I don't think that's how it works and because I can never give any specifics - time, location, etc - then I'm just another person wasting people's time. I have avoided going places before because something's not felt right about it - thankfully nothing has happened so I guess that goes some way to proving these are just crazy thoughts running through my own head; nothing more, nothing less. I think all of us (in someway) have them. 

There have though, been times when I've known something for definite. I knew my lovely Nanny and Grandad had died before being told; in fact I told my Mum both times. I also knew the day my Dad died it was his time and roughly what time of day he would die. He was ill so it wasn't that much of a surprise but he was only 5 days into the 6 weeks he'd been given and not expected to pass away so soon. I also knew when it was my best friends turn. That one still freaks me out. The second she told me she was under the weather - before she'd even been for tests to find out what was wrong - I knew she was going to die. I sent myself an email the day she told me what was wrong with the date of her funeral (just 13 months after her diagnosis). I'd also listed who was going to ask me for flowers and exactly what they wanted (can't really claim that as odd in a way though because I knew all of them and her so well; I guess it was pretty obvious what they would want). I told nobody about it. I got it spot on. Only after it was booked did I open up the email that they could see had been created 13 months before. It had sat in an inbox unopened since the day I sent it. I did have one of my thoughts about my number 2 (a nice one) when I was away camping with her last month; I made a note of it on my phone and haven't opened it since. I'm going to let her open it when it happens (because I know it will). That date on it will be the day I wrote it because it's not been opened. I did after me and her had an in-depth discussion about all things that are not-of-the-ordinary. Of course I'll let you know when it happens :) 

As of yet, I've never had an inkling about what the winning lottery numbers are going to be - believe me I wish I could pick them - although I have had very strong feelings and images of living in a house I know I could only afford with such a win so I don't think it will be long now!!!! 😂😂

Back in the real world one thing I do know - really do know without the shadow of any doubt, is that I will raise the funds to go out and do my road trip and it will be with the help of someone (or many someone's) who come across one of my blogs, tweets or facebook pages; I would never have spent so much time and effort setting them all up without knowing 100% that they will succeed. I'll take that any day over the big house (although if I'm being totally honest I would of course love both because if I could afford the house, I could afford the trip and even better, I could fly first class 😂😂😂😂).