I need £1 - not for the trolls though!! :)

that's all; just £1. That's all it will take for the original fundraising site I set up to go live and be promoted on their pages. I was so chuffed when someone made a donation taking my online total to £100 as the site has a limit of £100 needed to be raised before it will put it live - there's only so many people I can reach with my blog entries to see if anyone reading my waffle will help. I've just gone into the settings now to change the Paypal I have listed (because I've had to change to a business account - I explained!!! (should that be confused?) everyone with that in yesterdays blog entry!!).Whilst there I saw that it stated my site was not listed or made available to the public - the only people that can find it are those who follow the links from here or my social media - and the reason for this is because I need to raise OVER £100 for them to make it live. That's why I need just £1. Surely someone out there can spare it? :) The link if you're that kind person is here :) If you're not able to spare £1 but still want to help, feel free to share the page around to anyone and everyone 😁 The more people who come across it, the better chance I have of finding that "right one" 😁

In other news, I came across a crochet pattern for Troll hats this morning. Every August Bank Holiday a group of us get together (several of us have known each other all our lives). One year I made something for everyone (can't for the life of me remember what the first thing was) so every year since when it comes to that weekend they all await what I may have made - the fairy jars last year went down really well. I had a plan for this year and have been working on it; then I came across the Troll Hats.  There is nothing else I could even consider doing now; this weekend I shall drag out my balls of wool and make us all one. I know they'll all happily wear one and they'll definitely brighten up our photo's (which are pretty much always the same and quite boring really). 😁 I'll definitely share some photo's of them with you all too 😁 I actually have a minions hat in my car; I keep it there for the winter when I'm out and about (I gave up worrying how I look many years ago). If nothing else it gets people smiling when they see me walking down the street in it (I know some are inwardly laughing at me too but if I can bring a smile and laughter to someone then I consider myself to have done a good thing - too many people need to learn to smile and laugh more. 

Going back to the trip - it really is the main thing that occupies my mind right now, sorry if that bores you all 😂 but I am so glad I was quite negative when I worked out all the figures because today (after our general election yesterday) the rate dropped again, dramatically. My working out on £1 = $1.20 at the time of sorting it all seemed quite crazy; today, however, it dropped down to $1.26 so I might not be as mad as I sometimes think I am 😂 On the plus side, if it goes back up I'll get everything cheaper which will give the kids more pennies to spend (I may even allow them to have steak for dinner instead of beans 😂). Any money left over will be given away to a local cancer hospice - they were amazing when the kid's Mum was dying. Any money I am given when I go to WI meetings (they get me to do demonstrations for them quite a bit) I always donate to the hospice. I'd happily do it for them free-of-charge (it's good advertising for my business) but they won't allow me to, always insisting they pay all the speakers they have so I have to accept what they offer me. As much as I need money, because I would do it free I feel bad taking it from them so as soon as it clears in my account I pass it on to the hospice. The work they do is amazing. Sadly they always remind me just how short our lives are which is why I refuse to apologise for most of my blog entries;you know what they say "Don't ask, don't get" 😂

As I was writing all that so the friend I was going to take with me originally has just been in to ask me to sign his passport form - not so he can add to the pot and come with me, oh no, it's so that he can go away with his other friends for a fortnight's Spanish holiday. That again proves to me I've made the right decision.

His visit was followed up by a phone call from a customer wanting me to make them a bespoke funeral tribute. After much discussion and working out costings they said "That's a lot of money" to which I replied "that's because there's a lot of work involved". If you want run-of-the-mill every day tributes for which I can buy the frame then of course it will be cheaper but when we're getting into the having to buy many different parts, find a way to join them, carve things, shape things, paint the flowers, then yes, the cost's do rise. I said the lady (her husband started the call, passing me over to his wife for she just kept shouting out things in the background) that I was sorry there was no way I could make it cheaper for her (I'm already the cheapest in our area). She kept going on and on about it until I said to her "If you're wanting a fancy bespoke dress for a wedding where would you go for it?" She told me she'd seek out a dressmaker or go to one of the more exclusive designer shops. I was then able to point out that it was the same thing. She was asking me for Monsoon at Primark prices. It's just not possible. What she wanted I'd have only made £8 on as it was. She then had a moan that I was having to spray paint the flowers used in it; until such time as they are able to grow a grey chrysanthemum then spray paint is the only way to make it possible. 

Hahaha; is it wrong I've just laughed because my friend came back in and after queuing for 20 minutes he was unable to get his passport sorted because he's not filled his form in properly. I'm a bad person 😂