According to my facebook news feed this week, my personal feed - not either of my america pages which you can find here and here :) - there is somewhat of a heatwave happening in the UK right about now! Believe me, I know full well it is, am hating every second of it and counting down the days until winter (not that we ever really get a proper winter over here). The heatwave isn't just happening here though; it appears to be anywhere in the northern hemisphere from what I can make out. 

Just a few weeks ago a friend of mine in Colorado was posting photo's of the 6 inches of snow which had fallen that morning, today she's sharing photos of the mercury hitting 102'f. I know a lot of the national parks I am so desperate to visit were still shovelling snow at the beginning of the month trying to clear roads for people; now they're giving out warnings on how to survive the heat. Portugal has been hit by wildfires (I'm sure many other places in the world will be soon too). Sadly over there they had 70 or more people literally burned to death in their cars due to the fires (I can't - and want to - even being imagining the terror those people must have experienced. 

I hear all this talk of 'global warming' and I am sure that we (the human race) have contributed in some way, but I also think it is just a part of this wonderful planet we live on. Each year we naturally move 1cm closer to the sun - in my lifetime we are 47cm closer; that's almost half a metre. Now, while that doesn't sound like a lot and really isn't in the grand scheme of things, it's still closer than it was so naturally things are going to warm up. I have no doubt a lot of the things we've sent up into space, some of which their parts are floating about doing their own thing, contribute somewhat also. We are damaging our earth, of that there is no doubt, but I honestly don't believe we can change the weather - if we were able to surely by now some scientist would have been able to conjure rain for drought hit places, snow for those of us who hate this heat - have I mentioned how much I hate summer? :). I do think by us chopping down so many of our forests we are making a difference. Not neccessarily to the temperature as such for they will always fluctuate regardless; we are, however, taking away a lot of the shaded areas we might once have had, so therefore it can often feel hotter than it is. That doesn't really make any sense, does it? I know what I mean, can't think of the right words to use.

Instead of trying to explain something I don't seem to be able to grasp, I'm going to point out a few obvious things, because some people these days really are so very stupid. If you have a dog and you walk your dog anytime between 10am and 9pm at this moment, you deserve to be put into a thick winter coat whereby you will be dragged around the streets barefoot for an hour or more. You should NOT be honoured to have a dog in your life if you are going to do such a thing to it. IF I walk by a car and you have your dog inside, I don't care how expensive a car it is, or how far you may have cranked the windows, I will smash your window, I will remove your dog from the car, then after it has been given water, I will take a hammer (or any other hard thing which will create dents) to your car so that every time you look at it you are reminded of what a total wanker you are. 

The same goes for those of you with horses. They feel the heat too you know? Forcing them to carry you on days like today is not only selfish it's also dangerous for your horse. Think before you grab your brushes and tack. Is a dead animal really what you want on your conscience?

If you are a smoker and you discard your butt anywhere without putting it out properly and you cause a fire of any kind I hope they sling you in a cell with only bread and water and leave you there indefinitely; preferably in a building that boils in summer and freezes in winter. I say this as an ex-smoker too. One thing I always made sure of was that every cigarette was extinguished and disposed of. In fact I would put the butt back in my packet which would then get thrown away when I was at home. If you set fire to woodlands, or heaths at this time of you, you are going to kill a lot of wildlife (in a pretty horrific way) as well as destroying hundreds of trees. I know that sometimes fires are good for areas, they help remove the waste and allow for regeneration; these should be done under control and not down to you thoughtless and absentmindedly discarding a butt. I know the only people who will really take notice of this are the ones who wouldn't do it to begin with - it's like drink driving adverts; those affected by them are the ones who wouldn't drink and drive to begin with - but if just one person actually stops to think about their actions, that can never be a bad thing. 

I know the human race is going down the drain; people are too wrapped up in their own selves to consider the consequences to anyone else. I find this sad. It also makes me realise how lucky (in a way) I was not to be able to have children for whatever kind of world will they be living in, say in 20 years time? Will there even be a world left? Might we have totally destroyed it before our kids/grandkids get chance to explore it? 

Oops; not where I was planning to go with this entry. Apologies; I got a bit carried away :) 

Those of you reading this entry on the Visit America site may wonder what this has to do with my yearning to visit the USA; it has everything. They are having a heatwave too; they also have animals, pets and wildfires, the kind of which we could never even begin to imagine. It is relevant to all. 

The 1st photo was taken at 17:00 yesterday evening. It's being held so I could photograph it better but is hangs in my back garden on a north facing wall that gets no sun on it at all. If you look at the 2nd photograph you can see where it usually hangs (behind the flower basket - I've also added a close-up of it to the same image) and what the temperature was the previous day. It's been hot.